Why People Freaked Out On Belle Delphine, Dr. Lupo, Bitcoin, & Why Shocking Turkey Election Matters

Why People Freaked Out On Belle Delphine, Dr. Lupo, Bitcoin, & Why Shocking Turkey Election Matters

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Today’s Stories:
Belle Delphine Trolls Followers:

Elections in Istanbul:

DrLupo’s Breaks Fundraising Record:
St. Judes: https://www.stjude.org/
GuardianCon: https://ww1.guardiancon.co/

Bitcoin Value Spikes:

More News Not Included In Show Today:
Why Twitter Tried to Cancel Lil Nas X:

Trump Ordered Strikes on Iran, Then Called Them Off:

Oregon Gov. Sends Police After GOP Lawmakers Who Fled State to Avoid Climate Change Vote:

Sacramento Honors Fallen Officer:

FTC Investigating YouTube:

ICE To Begin Mass Immigration Arrests:

Start-Up Sues MTA:

Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones, Brian Espinoza
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Maddie Crichton, Lili Stenn, Sami Sherwyn
#DeFranco #BelleDelphine #DrLupo

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85 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Happy Monday! Hit that like button or, well, you know 😉
    Belle Delphine (00:16), DrLupo (2:10), Bitcoin Spike (3:24), TIA (4:44), Istanbul Election (6:49)

  2. RedLogicGaming says:

    “And not the way you like” HOW DO U KNOW?! XD

  3. FloridaBlaze says:

    The outrage Belle got is from guys hoping that if they cry out loud enough, she’ll eventually give them what they actually want.

    • TheFormalMooshroom says:

      @torpa15 That has almost nothing to do with what I said. Why would all heterosexual males on the internet desire a girl/woman/female who likes to dress like a child, shows off her body for money and has a practically flat chest among other things people have mentioned. While you might be infatuated that doesn’t mean everyone else is.

    • whyme777x says:

      Really? When I just heard the story, my assumption was the outrage was from people who couldn’t believe Belle would do something like that. I guess I dunno how fandoms work after all

    • Nick Ghilea says:

      Admit it you cried.

    • Justice Clark says:

      CovertBrony just, no.

    • Christopher Columbus says:

      torpa15 “most desired girl” yeah no.

  4. Streaky says:

    A social media corporation that is known to be dishonest and corrupt, have no regard for privacy and use their power to censor owning a currency.

  5. Kylee Conrad says:

    Is Phillip DeFranco gonna have to choke a sub?

  6. robbiesilverwolf says:

    Wow the sup was super squeaky today are you okay Phil?

  7. Chickenpermission186 says:

    I barely survived the 72 hours apart Philly, how could you ?

  8. TheLyonKing5 says:

    Who is surprised that Belle Delphine didn’t actually post porn! If she did all her patrons would unsubscribe and she would lose a ton of money! Why would you be mad! Who gives a damn!

  9. Carbon Knights Gaming says:

    I’ve never heard of this Belle Delphine before, but a fully approve of her trolling, that made me LMAO

    • Henja64 _ says:

      Carbon Knights Gaming they deserve it. These incels are paying a thot for fapping material when they have free porn its really sad

    • Andrea Goh says:

      i hope y’all know she’s actually kinda actual trash tho?

      what with all the stealing other underage people’s nudes to sell as her own (while also underage at the time) then attempting to shirk responsibility for stealing by throwing her accomplice under the bus when she was found out, saying he “pressured” her into doing so; and creating pedobaity content in general and sexualising children’s attire and items. pretty gross actions and pretty gross person

    • streeTkiDwannaBe says:

      Check out her ahegao faces if you’ve ever wanted to see what someone probably looks like suffering in the middle of a brain stroke.

    • No Consequence says:

      ​@Andrea Goh Man just because someone is a trash human being doesn’t mean they can’t occasionally do some shit that you like.

  10. Ryan D says:

    Jokes on you Philip: you can’t know what my text messages are because no one texts me.

  11. gnarth d'arkanen says:

    Hadn’t bothered about Belle Delphine… BUT NOW… I think she deserves more follows and likes. That shit’s hilarious!!! ;o)

    • Andrea Goh says:

      She’s kinda actual trash tho…
      what with all the stealing other underage people’s nudes to sell as her own (while also underage at the time), and creating pedobaity content in general and sexualising children’s attire and items. pretty gross person

    • Xande says:

      @Andrea Goh Theres a special place for her in my secret, underground sex chambers.

    • Here to comment/watch weird stuff says:

      @Xande bruh

    • Justice Clark says:

      Don’t forget about her dead squid

  12. Celeste Noelle says:

    I saw it coming by her saying “I’ll make a pornhub account” … making an account dont mean she’s posting porn yall xD

  13. Weaver Bird says:

    Well she won …

    Free attention

    More angry ppl

    Then more attention.

  14. Abby Slater says:

    The people that got mad at Belle where underage children anyways, just makes it more funnier.

    • Tate Amstutz says:

      @Jacky of all trades Ahegao is the term you’re looking for.

    • Mike Roch says:


    • Saumit Jin says:

      Im 16, and I actually Liked most of the stuff she put out there xD “Belle Delphine SQUIRTS all over the floor and wets herself”
      Actually takes a Water Gun and squirts all over her room
      Wow XDD
      Seeing the dislikes made me abit sad seeing how many people were fr thirsty for the actual stuff smh

    • Saumit Jin says:

      @CovertBrony Yo Stfu im a Pyro sub >:(( She stole his money and didn’t even play Minecraft with him….. Poor lad doesnt even own a car for godsake

    • Nhi Hoang says:

      Don’t forget about the old perverted married men ?

  15. frisky370 says:

    I appreciate the international news coverage. Thank you for the update!

  16. Quillette Reader says:

    If you agree to use “Facebook bit coin” you’re making a terrible decision

  17. murfy6661 says:

    “I’ll choke you! And not in the way you like!”
    Ohh phil, you seriously underestimate us ??

  18. Donald Trump says:

    Belle Delphine is the greatest Troll of 2019. Almost on the Tekashi69 2018 level

  19. HighAngledHell says:

    I found your Turkey joke dry, but palatable.

  20. Shashank Iyer says:

    To be fair, Belle did exactly what she said she would do in the videos. I’ve to say, I’m impressed

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