Why Pink Himalayan Salt Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Why Pink Himalayan Salt Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Pink Himalayan salt is used in speciality foods, spa treatments, and even home design. 100 grams of it can cost $5 to $8, up to 20 times more than generic table salt. So, why is it so expensive?

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Why Pink Himalayan Salt Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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74 Responses

  1. HindsightPOV says:

    I’m willing to bet Gwyneth Paltrow raves about pink salt products on GOOP.

  2. Everything says:

    Nature: Here are some rich salt
    Humans: gOuRmEt

  3. Ji Guo says:

    Next video suggestion:

    “Why are tide pods better than regular pods?”

  4. bigcrowfly says:

    It is more expensive than generic salt, but it is not that expensive. Dollar Tree sells it in a container similar in size to other spices for $1.

    • Christina Kaur says:

      It’s not dyed. The FDA requires all manufacturers of food, including salts, to list ALL the ingredients of their products. The only ingredient on the label is Himalayan salt, and it’s imported from Pakistan.

    • Alexis Burrows says:

      I got a pound for $5 from Costco so…. Idk how much table salt costs but that sounds like a fair price

    • Jynessa Swann says:

      +Alexis Burrows same, Costco has great price on Himalayan salt

    • bruce leeroy says:

      Every thing at dollar tree gives you cancer.

    • Mr. Wonderful says:

      90% of the stuff in dollar tree is the identical item that’s$3 – $5 elsewhere. “Tomato Ketchup” factory. Heinz buys a million bottles for $500,000, puts a Heinz sticker on it & sells it for $3 each. Hunt’s buys a million bottles for $500,000, puts a Hunts sticker on it & sells it for $2. Dollar tree buys a million bottles for $500,000, puts a “dollar tree” (I forgot the name of their brand) sticker on it & sells it for $1.

  5. Sarthak Jain says:

    I’m giving u blue salt and it will make u immortal .
    Give me $100

  6. Homo Idioticus says:

    Why its so expensive? Because extra intelligent hipsters in the west are paying for it.

  7. John Tran says:

    You can find this stuff at the dollar tree with a built in grinder ?

  8. colomblanco says:

    I like it when British people say “social media”… Sounds like “social meteor”

  9. Ivinn says:

    Youtube recommendations: Video about pink salt for a salty person.

  10. Lex Luther says:

    Slap supreme logo and watch the price rise

  11. Meppity says:

    I read the second half of the title in a whisper like an echo and can’t comprehend it any other way ?‍♀️

  12. Kazi Yusha says:

    Before reading the caption, I legit thought that it was salmon.

  13. CZ OS says:

    Bought a Pink Himalayan Salt lamp and lick it occasionally when eating Chicken Alfredo. Problem solved.

  14. Chris Stark says:

    Watching a 5 minute video about why a food I’ll never probably eat is expensive.

  15. Clutchyfinger says:

    So i guess you should take the health claims with a GRAIN OF SALT. HUEHUEHUEH

  16. Paige Arnold says:

    Video: “Why Himalayan Pink Salt so expensive.”

    Everyone else: “If you look at the chart, it’s called ‘supply and demand’. Basic economics.”

  17. cdawson198600 says:

    Expensive? I can get a 12oz grinder of it at dollar tree for $1.

  18. Tim Bennett says:

    Because, it’s pink.

    Saved you all 5 minutes. You’re welcome.

    • FyreBeatz says:

      wow thank you

    • Abdul Basit Dalvi says:

      Sorry incorrect. Basically what they said in the whole video is it’s sought after more. Which clearly means demand is more. Hence cost is more in turn. Simple supply demand logic.

  19. Ken ツ says:

    we just have some pink himalayan salt laying around in the shelf

  20. Anuradha Aravind says:

    I can’t believe they are selling Himalayas willy-nilly. Tsk Tsk Tsk!
    Mountains are abode of the gods, don’t exploit them!

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