Why the Northernmost Town in America Exists

Why the Northernmost Town in America Exists

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20 Responses

  1. MR,PINCER & FRIENDS says:

    You and lore uploaded 2 seconds apart.

  2. Martin2035 says:

    I’m missing aviation videos.

  3. Obscure History says:

    I’d make a pun here, but I Alaskan’t think of one!

  4. SuperPlayz Gaming says:

    You should do something on the most southern American town.

  5. TheRsBritain says:

    I think Wendover really likes planes…

  6. Cool Aid says:

    I liked my own comment cause i have no friends, πŸ™

  7. ATschTheCube says:

    I love how every video starts with something random, and then suddenly turns into an airplane video around three minutes in

  8. Noel Santos says:

    This town could be a major port if more and more cargo ships utilize the northern passage to get from the eastern seaboard of the continent from Asia.

  9. TheBijatch says:

    The video title doesn’t really make sense. If this town didn’t exist, then a different town would be northernmost town.

  10. LIshoot says:

    No way to drive in or out?

    I know a few Offroad clubs that would love to challenge that.

  11. Sulthan14 says:

    Wendover Productions, more like Fly-over Productions.

    Get it, b- because he talks about airplanes a lot?

  12. Cheiftain 19 says:

    Here before the millions of views

  13. Mario Wenzel says:

    “Why the Northernmost Town in America Exists”
    It’s not like there couldn’t exist a northernmost town πŸ˜€

  14. Syrupsipper says:

    Roads cant be built because of the constantly shifting grounds…..Has an airport and paved runway…

  15. Bryn Clarke says:

    “It’s a completely self-sustaining city” just after you’ve described its dependence on imports. Hmmm

  16. Wendover Productions says:

    I hope you enjoyed this first on-location video!

    If you want to see more involved projects like this more often, be sure to check out the sponsor (Squarespace) with the link in the description. They truly made this possible and they’re a committed sponsor. I’ve also used them for years before they became a sponsor so all the praise I give them is 100% true.

  17. Levi Ethan says:

    Video: “Why the northern most town in America exists”
    Global warming: *sees video*
    Global warming: “Hold my beer”

  18. γ‚³γ‚€γƒŽ/ Koino says:

    I wonder how it feels to grow up in such a place.

  19. shingshongshamalama says:


    There you go, saved you ten minutes.

  20. WDadade says:

    Ergh… could’ve done without the squarespace ad at the end. Kind of ruined the nice mood that the otherwise amazing video left you with.

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