Why Wuppertal’s Suspended Monorail Wasn’t The Future Of Travel

Why Wuppertal’s Suspended Monorail Wasn’t The Future Of Travel

In Wuppertal, Germany, there’s the Schwebebahn: a suspended monorail that carries 80,000 people a day above the streets of the city, and above the river Wupper. It’s a wonderful thing: but it wasn’t the future of travel, and here’s why.

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20 Responses

  1. BHuang92 says:

    I think that light rails, trams, and other railed vehicles are
    impracticable and a waste of resources considering that cities like
    Baltimore, few people ever uses it. That should’ve dismantle it. The bus
    system is practicable and alot of people uses it.

  2. MasterGeekMX says:

    Here in Mexico City we have an interesting metro layout.

    We have 12 lines, and all of them have a mixture of 3 configurations:
    underground, like the most of tthe world, overground like trains, and
    suspended, like Chicago’s metro. Some lines like Línea 1 is all
    underground, others like Línea 4 are suspended except for some
    cross-stations, but Línea 12 and Línea B have the 3 types on it.

  3. SymbolX says:

    If people weren’t so selfish, the suspended monorail would be the best
    solution… The problem is that everybody wants their own car! Even when
    they travel along the same paths most of the time… A more refined and
    diverse version of the monorail would be the best solution if adopted by
    the majority of people. But since most people own a car, it isn’t… And
    since it isn’t developed enough, people prefer having their own car. And
    since most people opt for the car instead of the monorail, the monorail
    don’t receive the investment needed to make it practical… An endless loop
    that results in the abandonment of the best solution for mass

  4. XenogearsFX says:

    Watching this video makes me suspect that Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will have
    the same fate as the monorail. The guy’s a genius but it seems to me that
    their problems in terms of widespread adoption will be similar.

  5. TheWingrider92 says:

    its weird that in my country, monorial usually tight as fuck like sardine
    cans in peak hours

  6. grace elliott in the air says:

    I don’t really know the difference between monorails and light rails but
    the light rails in the twin cities actually are used a lot

  7. Luke Starkenburg says:

    Grade separated is the only way to go in my opinion. Mixing trains with
    autos, bikes, and pedestrians creates unsafe environments. Just compare the
    safety record for monorails and light rail/trams and you will find that
    monorails are far superior. Just look at the monorails in Japan and in
    Chongqing China to see that monorails work great in transit applications!

  8. gigglyfitzgirl says:

    Remember the Simpsons song?
    ? Monorail!! Monorail!! MONORAAAIILLL!!!? ??

  9. nitehawk86 says:

    Also it has a cool name: Schwebebahn

  10. Vaniti says:

    I’ve never been on a monorail (that I can remember at least) but this looks
    so neat! Especially considering how old it is, wow!

  11. 031000ron1 says:

    So, would the Monorail at Black Mesa (In Half-Life, of course) make sense?
    Assuming it wasn’t BM just using up tax money so they could keep funding.

  12. Fix My Box says:

    Trams I. Houston kinda suck

  13. Leena says:

    im sorry but it reminds me of anime lol

  14. Santos Alonso says:

    IDGAF I wants monorails!!!

  15. Peadar Keegan says:

    I hear those things are awfully loud …

  16. Jordan Orona says:

    This looks like the monorail from Batman Arkam Knight

  17. HailAnts says:

    When you stop and think about it, there is absolutely no reason, other than
    it looks cool. And that was 100 years ago.

  18. Candyfloss says:

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    to 350 calories a day and is a common trait of lean individuals


    *Masturbate to lose weight*

  19. okan hınıslı says:

    Thanks for the subtitles !

  20. VLAD_ONLY says:

    That moment when your home town is suddenly in your YouTube feed.