Why You Don’t Own Your Tech

Why You Don’t Own Your Tech

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100 Responses

  1. O JQ says:

    BTW, warranty seals are actually illegal. But no one challenges those company because people don’t even know that its illegal, and for those that do know don’t because it would be much cheaper and convenient to just buy that new device

  2. Fanatic Potato says:

    Who knew companies that have little trust from the consumer……are untrustworthy.
    Always use the stuff that defends the consumer’s rights and doesn’t have “SMART” features if they don’t need them.
    Phones? Yes
    Fridge? No
    Coffee maker? No
    Cool looking stick you found? No, but it could have magic in it so that makes it better

  3. TheRamenCat says:

    adam has a black woman as a slave

  4. SC P3RrY says:

    Louis Rossmann is gonna like this

  5. SB says:

    Guys this is why you use android phones like Mi and OnePlus. You can buy unofficial parts for much cheaper prices than what apple would charge.

    • Laurent S says:

      Mi? You mean they that shove ads at your phone? Put ads on the setting file browser music etc on your device? Nah thx

    • BooBooYup says:

      +shiftew leite then switch to another company. simple. There are always top dogs and there will be people trying to take the market share that dont like the top dog.


      +John Cena I don’t think android does it. I mean android only does it when you have google play services.
      So if you can live without google, you could in theory move to custom rom which should get rid of 90% of trackers, if you don’t flash gapps.

      People in kai os and i os are screwed because this us not even an option

    • pawala says:

      Looks like open source is the future… again.

    • Engel says:

      Or how about a motorolla phone? They’re selling official parts on their site and on iFixIt

  6. Mo 2k says:

    I’m unironically worried about Adam. He is exposing too much. I know its a meme to say we should protect someone at all costs… But protect Adam at all costs

    • HOLLYWOOD STAR says:

      yea this is a channel of facts i love it no “bias info” i loved when he did a video about marijuana

    • Blackpowderkun says:

      Mo 2k some of these are common sense to some, that’s why I am not into apple products, my phone can be repaired in a flea market tech shop.

    • Jack O'Neil says:

      He literally put Animal Farm and 1984 in the same frame.
      He knows too much

    • Desmond Jefferson says:

      No ones gonna take time out of the day to go after this dipshit

    • InverseAgonist says:

      I think you fundamentally misunderstand the purpose of this show. Adam and his team don’t do the kind of hard hitting investigative journalism that exposes these issues. His sources are all news articles geared towards mainstream audiences. Adam just takes these all together and puts them together in a cheesy, entertaining, easily-digestible narrative (that is not infrequently informed by his politics and public intellectuals with strong opinions).

      Whoever’s going after Adam would have killed a long list of others off first, starting with Edward Snowden and ending with John Oliver.

  7. ChaosmanOne says:

    Are…are we going to … uh … say anything about Adam … um … you know … owning a black lady?

  8. Sebastian Elytron says:

    So Big Tech has been conning us this whole time? Well guess what, *CON OVER!*

  9. Jack Ball says:

    Don’t buy Apple products.

  10. Rodrigo Rossie says:

    For those who are saying “Lol, Adam has a black lady as a slave~” need to remember the point of the video. Just as we don’t fully own our tech, he doesn’t fully own her because she’s representing a cell phone. It’s a metaphor. Stop being so short-sighted.

    Edit: I know you all mean it as a joke, but racism isn’t funny.

    • Rodrigo Rossie says:

      +xXxKAMIKAZExXx I’m sorry, but I have a sense of humor, I just don’t think certain topics should be considered humorous under any circumstances

    • Paradox xodarap says:

      @Rodrigo Rossie I say you’re wrong. We need more racist jokes.

      If you disagree with me you’re a white supremacist. I have more brown person points, and therefore am higher on you on the power scale because I’m more oppressed. Worship me.

    • J Mach says:

      Rodrigo Rossie rasm is always funny you nagger

    • Rodrigo Rossie says:

      +Paradox xodarap you think you’re clever.

    • Rodrigo Rossie says:

      +J Mach No, it isn’t. What’s hilarious is exposing KKK members and neo-nazis who lose their jobs because of their racism.

  11. BrandonVentures says:

    Adam has ruined men’s fashion and hairstyles…

  12. Tacet the Terror says:

    The fact we even need to fight for the right to repair just goes to show how far greedy corporations will go when they aren’t kept in check.

    • HOLLYWOOD STAR says:

      they need to be kept in check now but howww i really want to make a meme with that waterboy movie where the coach says “does anyone have any ideas”

    • Mefayor says:

      You know what humanity has not experienced all that much? A TOTAL OVERDOSE. All the big companies, politicians, goverments etc., do you think that they can imagine what would happen if everyone has rioted agains their shit, like enough is enough? I think that everyone must be realising that no matter what, when like at least 75% of populations starts to riot or turn against something, then you are fucked. All I see is just these groups ( politicians, big companies, etc.) trying to reach the line, or the limit, where others will say “enough is enough” because quite frankly, one does not know what happens when you cross the line – and you might believe that everything is cool, but hey, I think that humans have a shared perk: anger is unpredictable, and it may lead to total annihilation. And although it sounds like sci-fi stuff, you really cannot tell what will happen when the “normal” people will turn against the shit that pisses them off, like things could escalate so quickly…

    • Jake P says:


    • snowman12345ism says:

      Tacet the Terror that’s why you vote liberal

    • Elwood Hellsythe says:

      +ActionPactCinema yeah, no its capitalism…nice try Paul

  13. Trevor Lemay says:

    “Under socialism, you don’t own your own things!!!”

    Late Capitalism- literally you not owning any of your own things….

    • Emilie Pullen says:

      Ishmael it’s crony corporate capitalism, where corporations control everything and we at the bodam get nothing.

    • Un-Ironic Productions says:

      +Innocent Ferret huh wow, peoples property should be theres. It’s not right for it otherwise

    • John Undefined says:

      +Creepersh Originals

      Do you accept claim that the Soviet Union didn’t have “real communism”? If not, don’t bother to say we don’t have “real capitalism.” That is the nature of capitalism, when left unchecked, capitalism tends to a condition where one entity owns everything.

    • Samuel Wasserman says:

      Under Socialism this technology wouldn’t exist in the first place

    • Diego Gonzalez says:

      Late Capitalism – corporations control everything

      Late Socialism – Everybody’s dead

      Oh, however can I choose.

  14. Hutch2Much says:

    welcome to the 28th century, where you don’t own your kid. your hospital does

    • Jessica Hackett says:

      +sleepingkirby only because you sign it over. Any sample of any kind given for any reason have to be signed over. That pee test you took for a new job? The paper work you do for it means you are signing over the sample. The tumor the doctor pulls out of you to see if its cancerous? Signed over. That is required by the law so no one can steal it. But most people don’t read those forms at all.

    • sleepingkirby says:

      +Jessica Hackett
      Agreed, but that’s my point. A lot of those DNA ancestry tests *won’t* be done by said company without you signing it over. There’s no choice. A lot of them aren’t in it for the service, they’re in it to collect and resell DNA information. So, in order for you know what DNA markers you have, you need to let someone else own your DNA info. Which, really, is just one or two step away from Hutch2Much’s joke about not owning your kid. If you get your kid’s DNA sequenced, they kind of technically own the kid…

      Granted there’s (or maybe was, I didn’t keep up on it.) a push/a movement in the US to pass a law to say no one but the person can own their on DNA sequence. Not sure where it’s at now.

    • Noone says:

      No one should “own” a kid

    • Hutch2Much says:

      Noone i mean it was a joke but

    • privacy please says:

      The government owns your kid already at any minute cps can take them if one teacher lies on u

  15. nerdyneedsalife says:

    I actually really like this episode. Right to repair is an important issue. The automotive industry has right to repair but tech companies don’t.

    • Charles Eye says:

      Tesla doesn’t abide by Right to Repair. The future is locked down.

    • gamer zone ht says:

      My screen broke and sent to u break it u fix it worked

    • Brenton Acorn says:

      +Umer Salman I mean that just sounds like your buddy took his car to a mechanic who wasn’t qualified to fix it.

    • Umer Salman says:

      +Brenton Acorn nah man the folks over at Honda told us that there was actually a wire going near the side mirror which caused radiator fan to turn off. Later models fixed that.

    • Bakhtawar Ahmed says:

      Actually even now there some fault codes in cars that are generated anew each time and they can be diagnosed through special company server. I know Volvo has such a system in place.

  16. msms47 says:

    but repubicans toled me the free market will do the good things 🙂

    • DeadpoolX9 says:

      +dallas copp so you’re advocating for no government.
      What makes you different from an anarchist?

    • DeadpoolX9 says:

      +Quest for greatness they’re not leftist they wear the skin to fool people.
      All these companies put on their facade like someone wearing the skin of someone else to hide their own fuckedup agenda.
      Same with Elon Musk.

      They dont truly support the left but they do want the public support the left gets.

    • DeadpoolX9 says:

      +Flavius Aetius you do realize the US and China theoretically rule very similarly.

      It’s just in the US they keep their more shady practices under the radar due to (relatively) free press whereas in China

      The government IS the press so they dont need to care as much.

      We do not actually have a free market if the people in power are actively changing the markets to suit themselves.

      Think about it like an airport.
      They’ve locked you into staying at your terminal so you have no choice but to buy their overpriced goods.
      I wouldnt consider that a free market.
      Would you?

    • Cody Redding says:

      +Lilf Gaming I actually disagree with you. if you’ll permit me a moment, look at IOS vs Android. The idea behind the Open Market is if the products aren’t meeting consumer demands, a challenger will arise to take the market over. Many of the people I know, who are in the tech industries, are very pro – Open source. Really you have to look at the blind fanaticism towards a vastly inferior product.

    • Quest for greatness says:

      DeadpoolX9 So they support the left. if

  17. Spirit Flame says:

    “This video has been blocked in all countries”

  18. Kyto Bytes says:

    This is a legitimate issue that has been plaguing the tech industry for years, even when it comes to Android, HTC was the only one that allowed you to root your phone, though you did still give up your warranty. The majority of tech companies like Nintendo, Xbox, and some others will also void warranties if you have third parties make any changes, some changes will result in a ban on the system itself. Cheating is understandable, but it’s not always for cheating, and I think that it should be banned from the specific game rather than the entire network. I worked for AT&T, Xbox, Paypal, and have been doing computer repair for 12 years.

    The same goes for John Deere tractors, farmers even rose up because of that. People need to be more vocal.

    • Teh Gwintow-Nikke says:

      The talk about “cheating” and “piracy” are just a surface level excuse. The primary reason is control, and ensuring that they stop resales, stop people from repairing the machines, can re-release anything.

    • Manchineel says:

      +Teh Gwintow-Nikke Exactly. And you know what’s even worse? Fanboyism of the userbase towards these crooks.

  19. pibyte says:

    Apple is evil.

    • Pseudynom says:

      I don’t like Apple very much but I have to give them credit for caring more about your privacy than Google (Android). And in my opinion iPhones are easier to fix because they don’t glue as much as e.g. Samsung.

    • Pseudynom says:

      PS: Also, e.g. Samsung stopped supporting the Galaxy S6 in April this year, 3 years after it’s release.
      My iPhone 5S on the other hand, released in September 2013, got an Update last week.

      I would love to switch to an Android phone, but it doesn’t make sense to get one when I have one that works perfectly fine.

    • Russian Boi says:

      every friends iphone screen cracked!

    • camaro69 says:

      apple sucks

  20. The Magnifikle says:

    The Amish were right all along

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