Wilder vs. Breazeale: Post-Fight Press Conference | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

Wilder vs. Breazeale: Post-Fight Press Conference | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

Check out the post-fight press conference featuring WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay Wilder and mandatory challenger Dominic Breazeale after their heavyweight world championship showdown live on SHOWTIME from Barclays Center.

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83 Responses

  1. Zak Smail says:

    Went to take a piss came back to Breazeale on the canvas

    • Ramzes Empire says:

      go to go between rounds

    • Ryan Grant says:

      +Tony Lyons Just not true. Joshua has been ducking and it has caused a lot of people to lose respect for him. I think it’s partially him, and partially that disgrace Edward Hearn… Joshua’s explanation on why he turned down a $50 million offer to fight Wilder IN THE UK was cringe worthy and everything that is wrong with boxing today. Like so many other’s in today’s game, boxing is secondary to $$ for him. Using Whyte to help duck is all Edward Hearn’s doing. Wilder, as delusional as he is, thinks he is the best heavyweight to ever step in the ring and he wants to try and prove that. That is why the Tyson Fury fight took pretty much no negotiating at all, because it was two champions wanting to fight and prove they’re the best and you didn’t have Edward Hearn going to absurd lengths to protect his cash cow… Tyson Fury is a better boxer and a harder fight than Joshua is, a fight with Joshua would be much more physically demanding but looking at it as trying to win the match, Tyson is a harder fight. If Joshua really wanted the fight he would go to Edward and tell him to get it done, but he’s content with sitting around, cashing checks, not boxing. Lennox Lewis even knows Joshua has been ducking Wilder and pretty vocal about as well, and Lenox Lewis isn’t one to talk shit.

    • The Watchman says:

      +Beezy Talking Shit Hey is that you Charlie Zelenoff?

    • Byrdman 51/50 says:

      Bruh real shit Joshua queefed and ran and hid under her covers after seeing Deontay knock Breazeale to the after life. Shhhhhhhhh….. Listen…… she just queefed again. Got damnit Joshua stop that shit, your coochie stank..

  2. E.walker tv says:

    Great performances by both Gary Russell Jr and the bronze bomber

  3. Xanyo says:

    I knew breazeal was gonna run for cover and do 0 interviews

    • Black Minoan says:

      Breaeale HID HIS FAT FACE with embarrassment after getting KTFO by Wilder….Lmao

    • Will Camden says:

      That’s how you know you lot casuals, it’s very very rare a fighter does post fight interview after being knocked out

    • Black Minoan says:

      +Will Camden Well he should keep himself from getting KTFO so that he can have a Post Fight interview.. He was the A$$ hole who said Wilder couldn’t box same as the other AJ fanboy liars…Wilder used his SPEED, as well as RING IQ to deliver his POWER PUNCH at the precise time to knock Breazeale on his fat A$$…

    • Random Info says:

      I was looking too. Only found 1 and the right side of his face was Martined.

    • bigbanks313 says:

      I can’t find not one post interview from him ?

  4. Efrain Amezcua says:

    Breazeale was there in the interview thing is hes now a departed spirit

  5. Dudley Do-Rite says:

    Deontay wilder at 40:50 … You are welcome 🙂

  6. Lucifer Morningstar says:

    Must be crazy walking around with a sledgehammer as a hand everyday…….

    • IAS Productions says:


    • Fast Car says:

      Many guys in the real world do but they dont know it because they never master their gift. There is massive talent and ability out there but not everyone wants to be a figher

    • Lucifer Morningstar says:

      Fast Car if so then at least 50% of the boxers would have dynamite in their hands like wilder but they don’t this is one in a million don’t have to feel down because ur weak compare to him

    • A Hasnath says:

      Looks good against bums but won’t if he steps up to fight AJ

  7. Charles Joseph says:

    You see they let Gary go when he started to drop Gems on them about Melanin. ✊??

  8. abdul smith says:

    Forget Thor, it’s the Hammer of Deontay Wilder!!!!!

    • Boxwith Straight Right says:

      The chin destroyer comes again, Breazeal was lucky that the ref stopped it. His legs where gone and he could not see straight, Wilder would have knocked him out again.

    • Q the Truth says:


    • Shane Walter says:

      Yeah he kept Fury’s belt a little longer…overpaid Fury ….LMFAO… you were the B SIDE in your own country = pathetic

    • Kevin Arzola says:

      Shane Walter where is Fury now? Ducked the rematch and signed with ESPN LMAO

    • Black Minoan says:


  9. Love Not War says:

    Cant forget about the young Thunder, #GaryARussell #RichardsonHitchins looked sharp as a razor tonight.

    Tonight Showtime showcased a Dope card✊?!!!

  10. mo brown says:

    He keeps it real, unlike Joshua’s fake humble act

    • Vbastard says:

      What makes you think that he’s fake ?

    • Vbastard says:

      +Ryan Oconnell Well you’ve not a clue.. it’s literally been proven wilder been duckin.. or at least his team have been..Pullin sneaky tricks to make it seem like they want the fight but don’t sign a contract.. offering deals they know AJ couldn’t take without being in breach of contract.. .. Which fighter has won 80% of the belts one by one?? AJ .. not wilder.. and he’s done it in half the fights/time.. AJ been fighting champs.. Wilder has had 2 fights against anyone of merit and he struggled in both and even lost to fury, but robbed him. ..
      I will say he is definitely improving tho (wilder) and that was a beauty of a punch. But when he faces someone with the skill of AJ who has ligit one punch power… He’s gonna be put in his place.

    • rayginhulk74 says:

      English fans are the worse ever, they tend to suck their champions dick no matter what. They never give anyone else respect, fuck all the British. ??????Squad ????

    • Micky Dub says:

      MO ………. It”s all bollocks Wilder is struggling to keep his name in the public eye . The U S is going more for Cage Fights now Boxing is kinda stale in the U S . In the Uk Boxing is still alive and well . A J Is a ” MULTI ” Heavyweight CHAMP ” The key world here is ” MULTI ” and you know and i know when he fought Tyson Fury even with the knockdown it was a draw ………Wilder counted his blessings with that result . He needs to ditch all of the parasites surrounding him ……………. Still a ” GREAT ” knockout

    • kashmachine 1 says:

      rayginhulk74 look in the mirror mate, you could learn a thing or two from how British fans treat and support their athletes

  11. Giancarlo Ison says:

    We had Naoya Inoue with a knockout and Wilder with a knockout.

    Gotta try and have both of them on the same card not just on the same night. Though i hear Inoue has a deal with espn after the Tournament.

  12. binky boo says:

    DEONTAY “THE PREACHER” “CAN I GET A WITNESS” WILDER opening a church nearby you soon lol

    • Dusty Roads says:

      Yup, and his church all about putting you in a body bag, than giving good the glory after ?? So he has faith. It’s proven in everything he says and does. He defends it very well to, and not like some Bible thumper, but as a ass whooper. So believe that

    • binky boo says:

      Stfu lol crusty toads im 4 WILDER. U took my comment the wrong way. An i hope Your boyfriend WILDER becomes undisputed heavy weight champion with all the belts.

    • Ytremz says:

      Wilder fans turn on each other! ?

    • No Face says:

      I like that one lol…salute my man✊?

  13. iamBobby Crowder says:

    Spoken like a Champion. Respect to Wilder. ??

  14. Novando Giantino says:

    “He Talks Longer Than He Fight” Wilder


    • Incredible Inverts says:

      Novando Giantino finally he’s getting the respect he deserves, no one else in the world knocks down Fury x2

    • Novando Giantino says:

      +Incredible Inverts finally people who had doubt will have respect on him, aj needed 7 rounds to knock db back an forth, but wilder on need 1 round to knock db out… If you hear the sound of the punch its really scary man… Tyson fight i think got something to with gypsy shit ?.. Wake from the dead!

    • Stanelake Makumbe says:

      +Novando Giantino Hahaha

  15. J KING says:

    I been telling Yall, Deontay Wilder is the baddest man on the ? Bomb Squad !!!!


      +Matthew D’souza fury is already figured out wilder got closer and closer with tht right hand as the rounds came on fury is in trouble


      +ganuv fury only fought klitchko stfu bum


      +Cal.J NO headmovement NO defence NO footwork NO chin come on wilder ain’t been knocked out yet and hes like 220 AJ got clapped by wlad and has been knocked put in the amateurs ??and is fighting Ruiz lol

    • Cal.J says:

      THENIGHTMAREKO he’s fighting Ruiz cause wilder is ?? ducking it, he’s got power and fuck all else, put him against aj and he wouldn’t know what to do? do you hear yourself wlad is legend who the fuck has wilder fought? he lost to fury and everyone knows it you fan boy little bitch

    • James Germaine says:

      J KING – Fury’s fight IQ is second to none in the HW division. Wilder couldn’t beat a 60% Fury.

      Fury would take Wilder back to school again.

      60% Fury was robbed.

  16. FPM TV says:

    Wilder wearing all black to attend Breazeale’s funeral ⚰️?.

  17. N.W. LONDONER says:

    Brazil. Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin would of heard that on the moon. Give him credit for getting up as soon as that punch landed I thought they was going to send for the gas and stretcher

  18. k temperance says:

    Wilder took us to church! A lot of motivation & wisdom ?

  19. NMTK says:

    Anthony Joshua VS Deontay Wilder – Make it Happen!

    • Mark Bilby says:

      AJ’s avoiding wilder because if he looses, and there is a good chance he will, his career is over. I’m an English man, and all I can see is AJ making excuses. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see AJ win if they ever meet up. But they won’t meet up if AJ keeps making excuses and looking for bull shit reasons why they can’t fight. Wilders been calling him out for a long time now, how long can AJ run and hide before people start to loose support for him.

    • ruggedtobby says:

      +Boxwith Straight Right I agree with you just like the way wilder won’t show up at the msg come June 1st. We the fans are the ones missing out

    • A Hasnath says:

      +Mark Bilby Whoever is the one doing the avoiding, fact is boxing is shit. Too many clown shows. UFC batters boxing for legitimacy and integrity.

    • Trevor L says:

      Mark Bilby why is it that if he loses he’s careers over ? Wouldn’t he of thought that if he fought klitschko in hes 16th fight ? U clearly know fuck all about boxing


      +Mark Bilby Lol very funny sound like u are not updated. Wilder had the opportunity from hearn but he turned the offer down

  20. Shinobi 91 says:

    AJ fans always discredit everyone Wilder puts down ??? AJ might look technically sound to the eye but Wilder has proven himself the most dangerous heavyweight on the planet….

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