Will A Solar Beam Reflect or Melt A Mirror?

Will A Solar Beam Reflect or Melt A Mirror?

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In today’s video we’re taking a comment request from you asking if the solar scorcher can melt a mirror, or will it simply bounce off?

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42 Responses

  1. JvstJacob_ says:

    “How I caught the sun on fire”

  2. obojarah95 says:

    Try to Cook full meal for dinner by sun in survival way

  3. Aurora M says:

    @the king of random can you make a big/huge Hershey’s cookies ‘n’ cream

  4. Killer_king 67 says:

    You guys should throw/fly a foam rc plane through that.

  5. Charizard09 says:

    Put a marshmallow in liquid nitrogen then put it in the oven

  6. Daniel Deprez says:

    See if you can light up the Dome just like in the mummy

  7. Quikz Ray says:

    What would happen if you used the solar beam on oobleck?

  8. Allie Zhang says:

    I heard that Acrylic Nails were very flammable. Could you guys please do a video just on Acrylic Nails? Thanks, that would be a lot.

  9. SantaSkip Knows says:

    So how many years bad luck is that? What 5, 6 mirrors? 35 to 42 years?

  10. Max Olsen says:

    3:48 spider runs down her leg, I thought that was a spider in my room lol

  11. AbyssFlight says:

    Can you guys make popcorn using only a parabolic mirror?

  12. jgallantyt says:

    Missed opportunity: try it with a first surface mirror.

    Edit: and not a $2 acrylic locker mirror. A real optical quality mirror.

    • The357Archangel says:

      I second this. Cheap glass on cheap mirrors had impurities like iron in the glass making it a suboptimal material for this. A first surface mirror would eliminate that variable and truly test the ability of mirrors to reflect such a concentrated sunbeam.

  13. ted witham says:

    how many mirrors times seven years bad luck have you just gotten yourselves?

  14. Jule Knight says:

    You should try heating sand with the solar scorcher. Maybe it’ll make glass?

  15. Jerrymonkey says:

    5:00 that is really dangerous to stick your hand near the point.

  16. ImJustPro says:

    U should use an IR camera to see the temperature of the thing! Like to make them see this!

  17. OLI 27 says:

    Did anyone else see the rainbow in the flame/smoke? 06:07 and 06:13-06:20 and 09:20

  18. Perspective says:

    What about spraying like 100 percent oxygen or something really really flammable into the focal point

  19. Dj flammata says:

    Not cool this is bad luck guys don’t break Mirror

  20. InfinitePower says:

    Could you transport solar power and burn wood using fiber optic cable?

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