Will America Ever Have A 51st State?

Will America Ever Have A 51st State?

Everybody wants a 51st state, but what are the realistic situations that will allow that to happen? In this video, a few contenders are analyzed and how such a future may be a bit away.

Written, Edited and Narrated by Tyler Franklin

Underwater Stories 5 by Niklas Gutavson
Suggestion Dreams 3 by Magnus
Dramatic Orchestra With Solo Strings by Gavin Luke

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20 Responses

  1. KnowledgeHub says:

    Yes, this was written, narrated and edited by my brother, Tyler. Sorry for the aspect ratio on this. Some issues happened with the editor. Bad communication. All on me. Anyway, hope you still enjoy it! VidCon took a dent out of the schedule, but its back to weekly videos.

  2. SuprisedLion06 Edwards says:

    isn’t Puerto Rico just a more Spanish florida ?.

  3. Harry Christofi says:

    As someone whose parents are Greek (Dad) and Latina (My Mom and she’s Peruvian specifically) I would like to see Puerto Rico become our 51st State and it would benefit the Federal Government to do so because of more tax revenue received from Puerto Rico.

  4. Alonzo Aldaba says:

    Kinda ironic the US left an empire, only to become another empire a century later.

  5. Martin Šriber says:

    Let’s declare war, because we are taxed without representation!
    Some time later…
    Let’s tax people without representation!

  6. TG manga reviews says:

    fuck America

  7. Brianna Weaver says:

    Stop saying Canada is the 51st state in the comments. As a Canadian, I will never accept that.

  8. skeet skeet says:

    Honestly the UK should become the 51st state, it’d be much better if it was

  9. Hot Cosby says:

    If Jefferson was a state I would move there

  10. YellowNate says:

    There are only 49, Pluto isn’t a planet

  11. Bloofy .45 says:

    If us and Canada combined as one country then we’d be fuckin huge

  12. beanny39 says:

    You say there’s no more manifest destiny, but I see plenty of land to the north and south.

  13. aleks8360 says:

    love the way Hawaii has the union jack on its flag. “rule Britannia”

  14. Beautiful Person says:

    The language is not a problem because there is no official language of the United States. It’s just that all states have mostly English speakers. The land that the US got from Mexico spoke mostly English because a ton of Americans move there because it was so easy to immigrate to Mexico.

  15. Um' Bongo says:

    I’m amazed on how many Mainland U.S citizens agree with us Puerto Rican’s becoming a state… thank you all. Edit:

    Aaandd…. lots of disrespectful people just spitting fucks you’s left and right, look guys if you want to share your opinion do it! but no need to be immature about it… and then we’re the uncivilized ones…

  16. Tvii - TV says:

    Isn’t Area 51 the 51st state?

  17. Kaloo Inmyboot says:

    Just divide the country into thirteen commonwealths and have nuclear war with China in 2077

  18. AMK 347 says:

    Puerto Rico might be an economic burden to take in as a state. But taxing them as a territory while not allowing them to have representation in congress and not letting them vote for president isn’t right. I hope Puerto Rico can become the 51st state one day.

  19. Luis Urayoán says:

    I am Puertorrican and I don’t support the statehood. The past month (June 11th, to be exact) Puerto Rico made a plebiscite that it wasn’t accepted by the U.S. congress. The results was a 97% to the statehood, but the reality is that only the 23% percent of the population voted in the plebiscite. You may ask, ¿why that low percentage? The Popular Democratic Party (supports colonialism) and the Puerto Rican Independence Party made a boycott against this plebiscite because the New Progressive Party (supports statehood) they didn’t let the other parties to put their status definition. Recently, the U.S. congress approved the law PROMESA. This law installed a group of seven people called the Fiscal control board. Our autonomy of having our own government has been destroyed to this law. We still have a governor but is a puppet of the Fiscal control board. They have been creating laws that our country is against of it and it’s anti-democratic. All of this situation is because of the irresponsibilities of United States because they don’t let us export and create our own economy.

  20. clown baby says:

    Hopefully California just blows up so we’d have 49 states

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