Will Food GO BAD in a Vacuum Chamber?

Will Food GO BAD in a Vacuum Chamber?

Today we’re seeing if putting different types of food in vacuum chambers can keep them from going bad after a month!

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64 Responses

  1. mygreeneggsandham says:

    Don’t mason jars keep a vacuum just by design? Try just putting a lid on the mason jar in the vacuum chamber. It has a rubber seal just for that. Drilling a hole with a rubber stopper should not be necessary.

    • Blue Skyla says:

      Yeah I thought the lids would work as they were. I read all comments here. But without testing, I couldn’t say for sure. Maybe he tried that already and his method worked better.

  2. brenton littler says:

    You should see what happens when you leave food in salt for a couple of mouths

  3. Ethan Hair says:

    Theoretically de-ionized water shouldn’t short out electronics. Please test this

  4. itzYeBoiiUHHidk oo says:

    Hello can you put obsidian under the solar scorcher and see if it turns into lava

  5. Master Chief says:

    How can mold survive in a vacuum?

  6. Gamically Indian says:

    Will tennis balls or any type of hollow balls will get burst in vacuum chamber while or after sucking the air out or releasing vacuum as like Marshmellows get squeezed??

  7. Aharon gootvilig says:

    You were supposed to sterlize the jars

    • Youssef Mzid says:

      i think it’s useless, the food he put in the jars contain way more bacteria than them

    • Blue Skyla says:

      Youssef Mzid Just my thought. I’d think it would have to be a clean-room situation with food that was also grown in a clean-room or something is my guess.

    • TempestFaggot says:

      true, and it would be pretty difficult to sterilize every last bacteria, even just one will cause millions in time

    • Blue Skyla says:

      TempestFaggot Yep. And living things always have bacteria. It’s why we’d have to wear a complete suit in a real clean-room.

  8. eduardo vargas says:

    you only forgot to sanitize the jars to prevent the molding but other than that great video it was awesome

    • Eduardutu says:

      molding is not formed from bacteria , mold is made of fungies

    • Mike D says:

      there are some anaerobic bacteria that can exist without oxygen. IIRC they can exist in soda cans and if you see bulging soda, it can be a sign of their prseents and you shouldn’t drink them.

    • steamtrain27 9 says:

      Must be a real….fungi xD

    • Peach • Spit says:

      +steamtrain27 9 *bu dum skraa*

    • biggreenblob says:

      First of all, there are many types of bacteria that do not require oxygen, they are called anaerobic bacteria (like the ones that cause botulism in poorly canned food), and they are basically just as common as aerobic bacteria (those that do require oxygen). Second of all, mold is a fungi, not a bacteria.

  9. stinkbomb357 says:

    You made a floating fauset but can you make a floating waterfall

  10. 1 surviver gaming says:

    Pop rocks in liquid nitrogen

  11. 不滅 says:

    How much pressure would you need in a vaccum chamber to break a regular jar?

    • Kek Tech says:

      You can’t really go further than a full vacuum so basically if the jar can handle a full vacuum it wont break but I suppose if you have a vacuum in the jar and more atmospheric pressure it might break eventually.

    • Abion47 says:

      More than you could manage with a complete vacuum within the jar and normal atmospheric pressure outside the jar. (Unless the jar had some sort of defect.)

    • steamtrain27 9 says:

      Also known as implosion.

  12. unnamed thing says:

    I live in space so this didn’t really help.

  13. PVT MILLER says:

    A vacuum chamber still has air in it. The best vacuum we have made has only 100 molecules per cubic centimetre.

  14. Doing EveryThing says:

    How do you get you merch out. Can you show us the process.

  15. Sydney Patton says:

    What happens when you put dry ice in acid or liquid nitrogen. Will the acid melt the dry ice and will the liquid nitrogen freeze the acid

  16. RoyalSaini says:

    How long will the internals of an incandescent bulb last in a vacuum.

  17. Clean Music says:

    What happens to gallium in a vacuum chamber

  18. 1k subscribers and I’ll make vids says:

    Can we shrink Nate?

  19. Bobby Ray says:

    It’s obvious, the comment came from a City boy. Do you know anything about canning? Heat the jars with the food in them. As they cool, a vacuum is formed. Food stays fresh.

  20. Geneoxys Max says:

    Hey. I was wondering if You could make a Liquid nitrogen-powered fire extinguisher or something. Also, I was wondering if you could try putting ferrofluid (Magnetic fluid) in liquid nitrogen and see what happens

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