Will It Popsicle? – Taste Test

Will our favorite foods be as delicious frozen? GMM #578!
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Writer, Producer, Camera: Edward Coleman
Editor, Graphics: Morgan Locke
Production Assistant: Alexander Punch
Show Graphics Package and Lighting: Ben Eck
Intro Motion Graphics: Digital Twigs http://www.digitaltwigs.com
Intro Music: Pomplamoose http://www.youtube.com/pomplamoosemusic
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Microphone: The Mouse from Blue Microphones: http://www.bluemic.com/mouse/

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20 Responses

  1. TrappedWithinMyMind says:

    I bet Louis would love the hotcicles xp

  2. Zach Pedersen says:

    Will it sandwich??????????????????

  3. Kali Smoliak-Carlin says:

    Please do “Will It Freeze Dry”

  4. Wonderstruck Candy says:

    Can you do a video about how to fall asleep faster

  5. Kathy Garza says:


  6. Daniella Prasad says:

    Will it jello!!!!

  7. gsuttle815 says:

    Do will it drink. Turn a happy meal into a drink turn chili into a drink.
    Turn Ham into a drink, turn baby food into a drink. Use a blender for this.
    Did a contest to see who could drink a blended happy meal including milk

  8. Koopamaster200x says:

    Will It Cake Frosting?

  9. Nicole Phillips says:

    I actually gagged just looking at the liver…
    Great episode, guys. Keep it up. To be honest though, not a huge fan of the
    added close-ups. I think it takes the casual nature out of the show.
    Thanks again for another 15 (well, more including GMMore) of entertainment!

  10. Ruby tuesday says:

    How did you make the oatmeal popsicle? I really want to try it

  11. Kyle Simpson says:

    So NOW he hiccups! (Referring to last weeks episode)

  12. Shae Fralick says:

    Do a “Will it Pizza?”!

  13. Peakbaggers For Cancer says:

    Thanks for doing the science for us guys!

  14. Munchingbacon Mushroom says:

    Love t shirt

  15. Emma Cucchi says:

    Love Rhett’s shirt! I just saw it on a web site so funny

  16. Me, Myself And Some Spy's says:

    Will it turkey?

  17. Gentlemaniac says:

    7:27 im going to start a business here in mexico of hotsicles

  18. Meredith Sherwood says:

    I love how Rhett asks if its toxic after he takes a bite…

  19. Zephiia Von Vanity says:

    What is their thing for things that are inedible?

  20. Kaleb Mohundro says:

    I feel strange watching your videos at twelve A clock every day just to
    clear this up 12:00 AM