Will It Sushi? Taste Test

Will It Sushi? Taste Test

Today we ask the age old question: Will It Sushi? GMM #971!
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20 Responses

  1. seidimeow says:

    I’ve never had sushi, but that rollsgiving, wow I need it in my life

  2. Reptile Syzoth says:

    Here are four types of people i hate:

    1: People who can’t spel
    3: People who can’t count
    4: People who ask for likes

    Like if you agree

  3. drink z coffee says:

    spiders is bacon t-shirts please!!!

  4. Aves thegymnast says:

    Did Anyone Else Hear Link Say The spiders Legs are hairy Then Mine

  5. Johnny Winfield says:

    Has anyone noticed that they give a yes to every single item with bacon.
    Everything in the will it series.

  6. stephaniepretty says:

    Rhett said “proper way to eat sushi is with chopsticks”… um Rhett…
    traditionally sushi has also been eaten by hand not chopsticks

  7. BootsTheCat says:

    I can’t believe rhett gaged before link it is a new season with a new link

  8. awsomness 3698 says:

    Do a WILL IT FORT were you build forts out of different stuff.

  9. Crystal Waters says:

    Will it tea?? Like make things and put them into tea bags!

  10. Renee Miller says:

    will it ice cream
    will it pie

  11. Soldier_ BLG18 says:

    if i reach 100 like’s, my dad will give me Htc vive

  12. TheProjectG says:

    I think i’m in a different universe or my eyes are lying to me… Did Rhett
    just spit & Link swallowed ?

  13. Grimcloud Darksky says:

    Rhet emo quote: I wanna quit life. 2016.

  14. ARDINT says:

    I always dip my sushi in the pink “yum yum” sauce

  15. fujiyokocookiecutter says:

    “Will it hurt?” XD

  16. Cole Macgrath says:

    will it bring back harambe?

  17. gigglyfitzgirl says:

    I need a t-shirt that says “spiders is bacon”

  18. Bahiyah Al-kebulon says:

    can you guys do will it spaghetti

  19. Lia Zabala says:

    Does any one else see the irony that Link is wearing a Spiderman shirt

  20. StarWolf Animations says:

    “We gotta go deep into this” ~Rhett 2016″Yeah, we gotta lubricate this”
    ~Link 2016