Will Smith’s Son Jaden Tricked Him into Going to London for His 18th Birthday

Will Smith’s Son Jaden Tricked Him into Going to London for His 18th Birthday

Will Smith maps out a cross-country road trip with Jimmy and reveals the interesting way Martin Lawrence configures his trailers on movie sets.

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Will Smith’s Son Jaden Tricked Him into Going to London for His 18th Birthday

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19 Responses

  1. Cory H says:

    hell yeah wills the man. been a fan of his for 25 yrs.

  2. Danny Doty says:

    Hate to be the one to tell u this will but your son is a fucking creep

  3. purplegal05 says:

    Jimmy, where can I get that road trip map? I want to hit up all those
    landmarks after I graduate with my Masters!

  4. Ahmad Mitchell says:

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  5. FJ Singh says:

    Is Jaden Really 18? Or Is 18 Really Jaden?

  6. Red Katana says:

    I love Will

  7. whatever.-. says:

    ME AND JADEN SMITH ARE BOTH BORN JULY 8th, 1998!!!!!! Omgggghsvduebunrg

  8. ZestRP Mike says:

    must suck for them cause they’re hole family is always doing something. so
    they can’t be all that well Connected

  9. InvalidWaffle98 says:

    From an Englishman looking in, it seems Americans just ignore the 21
    drinking age and start drinking at 17/18 like the rest of the world, so why
    does the law exist?

  10. Earl Green says:

    In Jamaica we had a catch phrase “Star can’t dead”. It came from the movies
    because back in the day no matter how the script went the star of the show
    never died. So even when we were playing as kids we would lay claim to be
    the star in gunplay. We have the same guarantee in this ‘show’ of life. No,
    we are not immortal in this world. We are however guaranteed abundant life
    in this world and eternal life in the next – all courtesy of Jesus. Our God
    can’t die, in Him we live!

  11. gillio4 says:

    he’s been fucked to many times by tyler parry. what a disaster.

  12. MARX MILL says:

    Jimmy is so fake…

  13. Central Wall says:


  14. Andrew Harley says:

    …then Jaden argued relativity of time to earn his tequila :)

  15. raza qaseem says:

    Why do a lot of people hate Jaden?

  16. Fernando Valles says:

    Too bad his kids are fucking crooked in the head

  17. Nathan Morales90 says:

    Hey sub 2 me please

  18. mikemoair says:

    Jessica alba is Mexican & Danish…that combo worked well for her

  19. Oh Willy says:

    Has anyone ever seen Will Smith and Anthony Mackie in the same room?…