Will This Trick Your Brain? (Color TEST)

Will This Trick Your Brain? (Color TEST)

Your eyes and brain are pretty amazing!
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Written by Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit

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20 Responses

  1. Mr. Dank says:

    I’m not gonna lie, this is definitely me when I’m driving

  2. KatiuskaWook says:

    I can’t do it !!!!!! Lol

  3. FreeLoss4You MobileGaming says:

    I learned some of this in the 6th grade

  4. TheDayeGamer says:

    The pic was black and white for me??

  5. Zachary Remy says:

    It was still black and white for me halp

  6. turtlesss03 says:


  7. MicrowaveMeShow says:

    The “blue for boys, pink for girls” is completely cultural. In the early
    20th century the colors were reversed, pink was seen as a “masculine,
    decided” color and blue as a “subdued, feminine” color. Before that it was
    “pink for blondes, blue for brunettes” regardless of gender.

  8. Divergent Droid says:

    Wait a minute! This means The SUN is NOT Yellow! it’s Red and Green!!!!

  9. Geometry Dash Kenaz says:

    Ok for a very short time, the image was in a colour but a bit bleached out.

  10. AnemicPine270 says:

    I have a headache?

  11. SuperMarioTrey says:

    That part where it changed back to black and white again was obviously
    edited because I keep rewinding it to that same part and it shows then

  12. whileimonmars says:

    I saw the color in the black and white photo for just a second

  13. GeeCee says:

    I love purples, lavenders, lilacs, violets.

  14. Mark R says:

    So Bee’s are rascists to RED things? …..This World

  15. Hash Brown says:

    Ok, I looked at the green dot, but I reversed the video before that, all
    the colors were still the same?,then when I went forward all the colors
    were grey? How

  16. ABEEROUF says:

    I actually saw the photo in black and white..

  17. MELVIN Lorenzo says:


  18. Hazel and heidi Kurjak says:

    You changed the picture back to white!

  19. TomTheVlog says:

    fake. I covered up the colored image and did not see it, and the image
    turned to black and whit

  20. Nikki says:

    the color test thing worked for me :p not sure why everyone else is saying
    it didnt