Wish.com vs. Name Brand (GAME)

Wish.com vs. Name Brand (GAME)

We wish we may, we wish we might, tell the difference between a Wish.com (not a sponsor) product and the real name brand tonight. GMM #1394

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84 Responses

  1. Joker Cub says:

    Life lessons from Link, “MONEY IS NOT FRUIT”

  2. Brickfilmer125 says:

    So, mythical belts.

  3. Nicole Sophie says:

    Link- “I’m not going to wear graphic tees anymore”
    Link (also)- still wears graphic tees

  4. Sky says:

    “Wish has blown up seemingly overnight”
    It has literally been around for years, wtf?

  5. Auri Dinael says:

    “I rather interact with a cat skull than a cat.” This just broke my feels lol 🙁

  6. Macy S says:

    “What is the point of lipstick this color?” Not everyone is peachy skin toned, Rhett lmao

  7. Directionally Challenged says:

    yeah… Yeezy brand doesn’t really look great to me.

  8. Just Morton says:

    No pun intended, but I ‘wish’ GMM would stop showing the answers on-screen before Rhett and Link have made their guesses. Some people like to play along themselves and see how much they can get right, and it’s a little hard to cover the answer on screen! 🙁

    • Lemons _66 says:

      How? On mobile just cover it with your thumb or piece of paper. Computer screen? Sticker/post-it note. iPad? Post-it. I mean, it’s been years they have been using this format, can’t be too hard to cover up a spot that takes up very little pixels.

    • Erasto Cruz says:

      i didnt even noticed it showed the answers lol

  9. Celia H. says:

    I think you guys need to bring a real cat on the show. You’ll fall in love.

    • Indico Lite says:

      They had a real cat on the show at least three times. I remember Shannon’s cat Katchoo, Lizzie’s cat Bobby (she wouldn’t let Link touch him) and a tiny little cat for the Cats vs Dogs debate.

  10. Facetious says:

    People who don’t like cats make me suspicious…especially people who’d rather interact with a cat skull than an actual cat.

  11. AaronTheBlackDragon says:

    The dance party looked dangerous. Flailing arms and killer Chase Jobs… no thanks.

  12. Tanner Lawless says:

    Hey don’t talk down on swing dancing…

  13. MiMi! says:

    Hears tanner’s name


  14. Morgan Morin says:

    One time I was looking through wish and putting a bunch of stuff in my cart that I might get, and then I dropped my phone and all the stuff in my cart was gone I thought I deleted it. Until my mom showed up at my friends screaming at me that I spent 300$ on Wish. I never used it again…

  15. deprofundis says:

    You guys, *look*! The front of Rhett’s hair today looks like a rose!! 🌹 😂

  16. deprofundis says:

    Chase is definitely pulling off the classic Pacific Northwest “too cool for school” dance style 😂

  17. Scary Bookkake says:

    This is a response to people complaining about GMM “promoting” Wish and cheap labour.
    After doing research and fact checking (dates, law suits and countries..) Heres what I got..
    Everyday brands that still use cheap and child labour:
    • Nestle research from 2016-2018+
    • H&M early 2000s-2017+
    • Philip Morris 2016-2018+. Severe working conditions and young children.
    • Walmart early 2000’s-2018+
    • Victoria’s Secret early 2000s-2017+. Bad conditions.
    • Gap 2000s-2017+
    • Apple 2000s-2018+. Admitted and continues. Used for IPhone X
    • Disney 2000s-2016+
    • Forever 21 2000s-2017+. Severe.
    • Hershey’s 2000s-2016+
    • Nike 2000s-2018 (improving!)
    • Adidas 2000s-2018. Children are punished if they don’t work overtime.
    • Primark 2016+
    • Starbucks 2016+

    “honorable” mentions:
    • Prada
    • Kering (Gucci)
    • Chanel
    • Marc Jacobs
    • Louis Vuitton
    • Loewe
    • Kenzo
    • Givenchy
    • Fendi

    You complain about GMM promoting it yet you’re doing the same by wearing their stuff. So sit down.

    • Sarlat says:

      Yup. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

    • Thisisname says:

      Chances are all the stuff on that site are just extra unbranded product stock they are looking to offload that bigger companies have not purchased and slapped there logo on with an inflated price.

    • Scary Bookkake says:

      +Thisisname Yeah ive heard of that. Also was told they carry from clothing stores with overstock and old collections they couldn’t sell. That’s very true

    • XDonlyone says:

      +viking browski but when you make clothes yourself the material, tread, buttons, zippers are made in unfair conditions, it lessens the long “supply chain” but it still exists.

    • Sarlat says:

      Scary Bookkake Fair enough! But at the end of the day we’re all just working to keep the guys at the top rich and so we don’t end up on the street. All labour in its current form is coerced, just some places/kinds worse than others. The chance that you can avoid exploitation under this system is almost impossible. Even a person with their own business relies on other resources that almost certainly involve some level of exploitation – if not of people, than of the environment (or both).

      ANYWAY. Haha, people write books about this for a reason…

  18. Alex Green says:

    Someone has been watching Safiya Nygaard

  19. MultiFoodJunkie says:

    The knockoff makeup is dangerous. Refinery29 has an investigave video on the lead and bleach that is used in it’s composition along with the unsanitary factory conditions. The package might look the same, the product is not!


    🔥What is the point of lipstick this color?🔥

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