Wolters’ go-ahead single sends Rockies to NLDS: 10/2/18

Wolters’ go-ahead single sends Rockies to NLDS: 10/2/18

Daily Recap: Tony Wolters hit a go-ahead single in the 13th to give Colorado their first playoff win since 2009 as they advance to the NLDS

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78 Responses

  1. Mr. Rich says:

    Thank you Colorado for beating the most overrated baseball team in major league baseball.

  2. KineBuds says:

    As a long time Cardinals fan … This feels really really good. Now us being out of the playoffs only feels half as bad = D

  3. OG Sweets says:

    Cubs had the division totally sewn up 2 weeks ago and now they’re out in the WC. Incredible display of choking.

  4. Seth Holmes says:

    Bye bye cubs

  5. PipeGuy64Bit says:

    Cubs are one and done! Most satisfying thing to watch and I’m just a Mets fan.

  6. spence says:

    The Cubs having a statue of an announcer outside of their stadium instead of a player speaks to how pathetic that franchise is. This team seemed to be getting lucky on bloop hits and errors all year long. Finally they’re done. Losers.

  7. Mitchell Daubon says:

    Think about this, Colorado went from Colorado to LA (on Monday) then to Chicago (on Tuesday) & Chicago was home the last series & game 163 lul

  8. Us Sport Fan says:

    Dont worry Cubs, in 106 Years you will win again 😉

  9. hilaire belloc says:

    Sorry for cubs fans who pay these lugs millions to choke like this. The fans go to work today while the players go on vacation.

  10. TopFiveChannel says:

    I live in Chicago, and I say thank you Rockies for ending the Cubs season! Such a douchebag fan base.

  11. John McLaurin says:

    ROCKTOBER BABY!!! Been waiting since elementary! Way to represent Colorado Freeland!

  12. LuigiRocks07 says:

    Damn, I know I was making comments about the Scrubs choking the division but holy shit…it actually happened. Thanks Rockies! Coming from a cardinals fan. The one team I wanted out of the playoffs is out. Today was a good day.

  13. tadhg1959 says:

    Just beautiful. Cubs shit themselves TWICE in front of their home crowd.
    Now, the national media can put the Cubs into hibernation.
    Let’s go Brew Crew!

  14. Kenneth Futch says:

    I will be pulling for the Brew Crew to win it all. They are True fans who deserve a title. Good Luck Milwaukee.

  15. L Riggs says:

    Looked like Chi town had the officials in their hip pockets, but the Rockies survived anyway!

    • krlm2280 says:

      I know especially that catcher bullshittin acting like he was hurt to try to ice the pitcher then all of a sudden that mutherfucka running all over the field again but Colorado prevailed

  16. Henry Fanelli says:

    Hey Chicago what uh you say the Cubs season is done today, blow Cubs blow, blow Cubs blow, hey Chicago what uh you say the Cubs are gonna lose today. That’s for Cocky Rizzo and Biaz!

  17. Connor Dennehy says:

    From every baseball fan in the world, thank you Colorado.

  18. Hollywood P says:

    Cubs fans drinking that Old Milwaukee’s Best and some Coors from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! Enjoy Douche Bags!!!

  19. chiefs fan 6873 says:

    It is satisfying to see the cubs get eliminate in the playoffs
    The cubs are overrated and have the most annoying fanbase in the mlb in my opinion
    Take the L

  20. Cyber sight says:

    Cubs bandwagoners finally ended. Now they can find another bandwagon team to ride on. Congrats rockies. 👍

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