Women are marching on Trump’s one-year anniversary in office

Women are marching on Trump’s one-year anniversary in office

This weekend is the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s swearing-in. But hundreds of thousands of activists across the US also are marking the anniversary of last January’s Women’s March, and the movement it sparked in 2017.

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108 Responses

  1. Bobby D says:



    Hey trump you’re TOAST and is DONE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Maxx Mexx says:

    Is Melania Trump, the sugar wife of the clown Trump joining the march ?

    • Tracy Clark says:

      +HardWorkGetsBuckets Yu mean 4th best as she’s wife number 4 RIGHT?…
      barely speaks English,,,come on now…… please

    • Dury Martin says:

      Maxx Mexx why would she? She’s not a dyke! She married a MAN! You people make me sick. You hate someone so you label them as a racist. You are nothing more than a bunch of name calling pansy’s. Trump is 1,000 percent better than the brown clown that was in office for 8 years that DOUBLED our national debt. You people are stupid. Stop making shit up and come back to reality.

    • usakindatheart flower says:

      Hilarious u can’t handle it

    • Michelle Schlund says:

      HATE is UGLY

  4. lee Myers says:

    Grab em by the mid-terms! Priceless!

  5. Mouhamad Darwish says:

    Trump is no different than Larry Nassar. Bring all these predators to court.

  6. David Guelette says:

    Go ladies, Trump’s policies show you are not his priority

    • The Well Spoken Bogan says:

      You’re an absolute moron who evidently has no idea how the law and its application works. Males have no legal rights whatsoever in regard to whether or not a woman has an abortion. So sure they have a ‘right to say’ as you put it but what they ‘say’ isnt backed by any legislation at all ie. carries no legal weight and doesnt impact the decision one little bit. Until the law is changed to it is 100% up to the women ie. 100% a women’s issue. A man can say whatever he wants and the woman can still have the abortion regardless. SO when you said ‘Oh I am sure most modern women want to make abortion all about them’…..its not women that make it that way dumbarse, the law does. Why comment about something you’re clearly completely ignorant about lol.

    • Thyalwaysseek says:

      @ The Well Spoken Bogan
      Thanks for confirming you’re not well spoken, just a bogan, usually when somebody has to resort to personal insults it confirms for me the level of intellectual discussion they are capable of. Regardless of how the law is applied, a fetus requires a male and a female to be created, therefore it is not just a woman’s issue it is a human issue. Even if the law doesn’t require the male’s permission it doesn’t change the FACT that a fetus requires a male and a female to be created. Once again in case you have a problem processing this fact, the conservatives are not preventing women from terminating a pregnancy because they are female, they are preventing the woman from terminating the pregnancy because of their religious beliefs. Again this fact confirms it is not an issue based on gender just because the woman happens to be the one with the womb.

    • You know where I like it... says:

      Why should women be a priority? They’re just like blacks, thinking that they deserve special, unique causes. The government should be working for the nation, not gender or skin color.

    • Carter Hult says:

      David Guelette they don’t have to be

    • David Guelette says:

      Barry Midikiner big noise from little boys
      Afraid of a few women?

  7. ChapDatText says:

    ever since trump took office there has been protest over and over again
    proof that he himself is a BIGLY issue

  8. Maxmartin says:

    Why are the Trumptards squawking about some mystery memo? Oh wait…you mean the one that RECUSED FROM THE INVESTIGATION Nunes had his staff write after he was kicked off the intelligence committee? (Look over there. It’s a squirrel!)

    • Mary Saw says:

      Maxmartin that is why libtards can no longer be in government. TOO STUPID

    • thewanderandhiscomp says:

      thepsychologistvjdj you mean the rapist drumpffuhrer, who killed girls after he raped them

    • thewanderandhiscomp says:

      Mary Saw yeah, let us see how well rethugs and regressives have done, no healthcare for a dollar a month, jobs still going to Mexico, less jobs in 2017 than 2016. And a closed govt when you have all the power in the House, Senate, and WH,
      Well done
      Meanwhile the United States is #1 in maternal mortality in developed world
      Meanwhile trump is allowing russian women to stay at his properties to give birth to anchor babies

    • Chris James says:

      Some are so blind they wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face, just as it is about too. Waiting patiently for the release and the firing squad to begin. Then maybe just maybe you will believe and realize just how corrupt the government was under obummer. If not your loss not mine.

  9. Irina Volkoeva says:

    Why not actually do something? Burn down some of Trump’s property, toss some things at the white-house, pile up some tires in the streets, just anything.

    • ekoms108 says:

      Because you can go to jail for 20 years for rioting. And people are going to jail for 20 years from the DisprutJ20 riot.

    • Michael Swadberg jr says:

      Irina Volkoeva than we can stomp your fucking head in right in front of your mother you fuckin piece of shit cunt ? How about that? You don’t have the balls to do anything but take a selfie and call someone a racist you left wing cucked fucks are the biggest fucking joke

      • Callie Fornie says:

        Hopefully you are in jail getting ass-raped by every, single, fellow, inmate. You bring nothing redeemable to the table. Your momma must have ingested plenty of vile chemicals while lugging your worthless carcass around inside her moldering womb.

    • iRaccoon says:

      I’m honored to be able to vote for President Trump in 2020 for my first time voting. As opposed to the left, I’m not blinded by the media; I’m not conforming to the opinions of everyone in the Internet, I stick by the life news and facts that show that Trump is the best candidate. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINIONS.

      Trump 2020.

    • Ramsey Bolton says:

      carolina cuchacovich 👏👏👏👏

    • Ryan Brooks says:

      congratulations you are now on a government watch list

  10. I CAN I DO says:


  11. The Rikkest says:

    It’s ok to be president.

    • Alpha Lapdog says:

      It is ok to be pedophile in chief and rapist president! Because Trump’s nanny Kellyanne said so! Because Trump wife Ivanka said he is feminist and all his female accusers are liars! If Trump women said MeToofFeminists are liars it must be true! Lying feminists are coming for Trump! We must lock them up!

    • TheCatLord says:

      Alpha Lapdog ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  12. Edit Halk says:

    If I was trump I would just step down and save some face, this presedency hasn’t been good to him or for him,

    • Jay Gambla says:

      Edit Halk It has been really good for him… The repubs passed a tax bill without a dem say on it… Hes making himself even richer was his main objective.. Permanent tax cuts for the rich and I get $8 dollars more on my check which will be taken back to pay billions on a wall

    • J h says:

      Where is all of the Protest, Marching, and hate for Harvey Weinstein???? He actually committed numerous crimes and brutally raped young woman…. What did Trump ever do to these Left-Wing sick disturbed stupid bitches that are protest and Marching against him? What did Trump ever do to them?

      TRUMP 2020

    • 1984CESSPOOL says:

      I’m glad your not, only a coward would step down, and believe fake news cnn.

    • Holy Spirit says:

      Edit Halk
      Of course it hasn’t. What are you getting at? The notion of Trump only caring for himself? You just failed big time in your own comment. Trump knew exactly what he was signing on for. Knew fighting for the will of the people being their voice in all would’t be easy. Like all things in life nothing comes easy although most would like to wish that it does. The world is a mean and nasty place and it does not matter how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. No one can hit as hard as life but it’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. You see you have already lost since the moment he step foot in the oval office. The agenda you help trying to create does not quite works in your favor and to have it all slap you in the face will continue to be troublesome for you.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Where are you getting your information? Since trump has been in office his net worth has decreased by more than $600 million.

  13. Susanne Slizynski says:

    Grab em by the mid terms, love that sign!

    • Bruce Lee says:

      Pretty sure it was the liberal media that exposed Hollywood or was it John Hagee from Fox by revelation??

    • troccadero1 says:


    • MGB says:

      The liberal media exposed Hollywood? Only if their account wasn’t current, ROFL

    • Jennifer Scott-Checki says:

      J h Trump is also guilty of rape and sexual assault. We whores have outrage enough to go around, and oddly we hold the President of the United States to a higher standard than a film producer. Oh, and Hillary? The answer is in your question: she’s not there because this has nothing to do with her.

  14. EkBalam707 says:

    ” This is a Man’s world “. – James Brown – ( but Trump is not a man, he is a coward, communist and misogynist, reptilian, corrupt orange-clown )

  15. EkBalam707 says:

    I am conservative Mexican and I would vote for Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris for U.S President. I believe women like them, can make America great again.

    • Davide Surilie says:

      You make me ashamed of being Mexican. You think Kabbalah or Michael are good enough to be Prez? Lol Estas pendejo wey. Trump gana otra vez, puto. A ver cuando te deportan.

    • Muh Russia _ says:

      Hate to break it to you but you are NOT a conservative.

    • EkBalam707 says:

      Are you going to tell me who I am ? LOL well.. think about this: México is a conservative great nation and USA a corrupt liberal country.
      I am absolutely, not a liberal! and communist orange pigs like corrupt Trump are disgusting.

    • boh7em says:

      LOL,..has nothing to do with “liberalism” Open your eyes. Trump admits he’s rich and everything he has done has been to the benefit of big corporations and the rich. That’s the reality regardless of what he has said.
      Your argument makes no sense, rich people don’t hire either. A Business hires employees based on need for the business, not how much profit they make. If they could make money with no employees they would do so.
      Further and to the point, I have no problem with tax cuts. I am merely pointing out that along with the rest of his policies which cut funds for programs and systems that aid lower and middle class , poor, and those without resources for development; along with his lack of concern for the national debt and his foreign policies. His priorities are for accumulating more wealth for individuals who are already wealthy. Which of course includes himself and his family.

    • Andy Saenz says:

      EkBalam707 You’re delusional. Michelle Obama is a crony!

  16. Burning Experience says:

    Trump! 4 more years!

  17. Phil Nolan says:

    I am so glad he won

  18. Rjames Elliott says:

    2020 Trump

    • Cue 1st Amend says:

      Rjames Elliott ha ha. You cheat to get your winners, sorry no more cheating

    • scott Barron says:

      Jail Trump 2020. At least he won’t be alone. Perhaps Don Jr. can have the cell next to him and finally bond with his father.

    • Karuska22ps says:

      Rjames Elliott
      draft dodger Trumpf!

    • TheOne AndOnly says:

      Trump the only president in the whole western world to stand up against political correctness and mass immigration from shithole countries. Look at Sweden. Becoming a shithole where you cant stay outside past 7 pm without getting your shithole ripped.

      Trump became a president for a reason. He understood that one important thing his money can’t buy is a good society. That’s why he ran for president and won.

      Oh btw why don’t the Islam countries take in refugees? Kind of wierd.

    • TheCatLord says:


  19. Howard Mora says:

    These are just sore losing liberals that didn’t get Hillary…and they really are lucky they didn’t!

  20. Archie Richard says:

    The Trump administration is a shithole.

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