Women BFFs See Each Other Naked For The First Time

Women BFFs See Each Other Naked For The First Time

“You should have mad nipple confidence.”

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Final Stand
Zoot Alors
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Footage provided by VideoBlocks


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20 Responses

  1. Jada apple says:

    Why was this video made? ?

  2. TeenDream888 says:

    “you’re like, Tinkerbell come to life” i lost it at that line!

  3. Alaina Reyes says:

    imagine all the perverts who watched this
    and lol I’ve seen all my friends boobs and some of their butts but that’s
    all but we aren’t like taking pre caution so we don’t see eachother like we
    just don’t give af because we trust eachother

  4. michael__16 says:

    next probably” mixed gender BFFs seeing each other naked” lol. that would
    be weird.

  5. ariesaftershock says:

    Jerking to this tonight

  6. hevar ali says:

    i though we gonna see it too !! :(

  7. reaperkiller1214 says:

    Love how people hate on guys for not wanting to see their friends nude and
    then they blame the society and bs like that

  8. LeVelShit 1000 says:

    I’m a girl and my bff and i have been best friends for 5 years now.. We
    never fight and we treat each other like sisters.. We don’t get awkward or
    embarrassed when seeing each other naked cause sometimes we go to shower
    together :)..

  9. MsKoalaCake says:

    if they’re best friends how have they not seen eachother naked yet

  10. Patrick Queen says:

    can i be her bestfriend?

  11. Stitch Cat says:

    Pfft when I was 5 I used to take baths with my besties

  12. Roberto Ibarra says:

    Why …why …. Like why !!!

  13. ♡ Electra Heart ♡ says:

    This kind of hurts my feelings because Ive been best friends with the same
    girl for six years and she never let me see her naked. Cries…

  14. JenovaProject702 says:

    I can just imagine the contracts they must have to sign for this job.

  15. Abbzey says:

    Best friend goals.

  16. Saad S says:

    wow buzzfeed really knows how to pander to their audience

  17. Tarah Moleski says:

    what is this video lol

  18. Petra Ral says:

    Who else would love to see Gaby and Allison try this

  19. Anne Marie Rasmussen says:

    Her laugh at the end is adorable omg

  20. Alikay Bgc says:

    Do guys now!!!