Women Try Menstrual Cups

Women Try Menstrual Cups

“It’s like a phantom in my vagina.”

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20 Responses

  1. equestrianfluff says:

    As a university student and active tennis player, the diva cup is the best
    thing that could have happened to me! Once you trim the stem to the correct
    length for your body, you don’t feel it at all. It did seem gigantic when I
    used it for the first time, but you get used to it. Best part is you can
    leave it in when you’re sleeping and not worry about waking up to the
    Japanese flag on your sheets 😉 It doesn’t dry out your vagaygay either…
    that’s always a plus

  2. Christine Torjussen says:

    On October 3 he asked me what day it was

  3. bluetimmy says:

    I’m really glad there’s things for women out there to help with all of
    that. seriously.
    But damn….
    I’m glad I’m a Man.

  4. wolfvsmoon says:

    What happens if you fill the cup up and not realize it though?

  5. Rachita rana says:

    does it hurt?

  6. guay星星 says:

    i tried these and im just gonna say that if you have like a form of
    hormonal imbalance or a vaginal canal that is slightly irregularly shaped
    that its gonna leak

  7. hayley welsh says:

    the girl who had leaks probability didn’t put it in properly. If it’s not
    completely sealed then it will cause leaks and i think a lot of these girls
    put it in WAY too high, you aren’t suppose to lose it.

  8. Nikki Harris says:

    Talk about a bloody mess…

  9. Luna Solaris says:

    Nah. Some things are better off being disposable.

  10. Heyyjeffrey says:

    Vaginas seem like high maintenance.

  11. ladylake2004 says:

    no no no no way ever will I use this . yuck

  12. rosen5824 says:

    I love my cup! ? Working awsome!

  13. Milly Gomez says:

    Tampons all day lol no messiness

  14. Lauren Boeckler says:

    I had a life threatening reaction to a silicone menstrual because I didn’t
    know I was allergic to silicone . They make rubber cups for ladies who are
    allergic . I have endometriosis and therefore I use cloth pads to avoid
    dioxin and silicone in other products . Cloth pads … I’m not sure about
    yet ??

  15. Brianna Noel says:

    I absolutely love my diva cup! The only reason it would be leaking is if
    you didn’t put it in correctly. I always have to make sure I feel a “pop”
    of the cup popping open from its folded shape to make sure it’s in
    correctly. (Sometimes you have to push on your vaginal wall to give it
    space to pop open) It does take practice. The first day of my period I have
    to make sure I remember how to do it correctly. But once you get it down,
    it is soooo much better than pads or tampons. It’s the only thing that has
    never ever leaked while I sleep.

  16. Molly Olin says:

    I’ve used one of these for several years and it’s honestly so easy and
    convenient. I haven’t had cramps since switching too!

  17. Vanessa Mariee says:

    The fact they had to find girls on their period at the same time in the
    office omg

  18. RainUponMe says:

    Anything being inserted into my vagina is scary

  19. Andrew Tran says:

    Girls dump this shiet in the shower, no one cares. I try to pee in the
    shower and everyone loses their minds! Totally not fair

  20. Michelle Ngozi says:

    Still not using it.