Women Who Never Went To Prom Choose Prom Dresses

Women Who Never Went To Prom Choose Prom Dresses

“I want to look like a princess”

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77 Responses

  1. Amaiya Johnson says:

    Literally watching at this as I’m getting ready for my prom today😭

  2. yusrawaheed says:

    Oml Nina looks like a goddess

  3. Calista Hennessey says:

    Ummmm I don’t know what that British lady is talking about I live in England and we always have proms probably not as good as the ones in America but we have them😂maybe not when she was young

    • Calista Hennessey says:

      Lottie D idk I’m so confused some people are like around the age of 20 and half have had a prom and half didn’t🤷🏼‍♀️😂

    • Forever TS says:

      They are a recent thing though, they didn’t really become a thing until like the late 2000s. Neither of my parents went to prom because it wasn’t a thing.

    • Jess Lyn says:

      kswannie Australians have proms lol, we just call them formals…

    • Nasia Fragia says:

      Theo Fal no we don’t… at least not in Athens…

    • machschau says:

      I finished school (in Scotland) in 2006 and we had what we called a “prom” (a dinner dance in a hotel), although I think previously and at other schools they’d just call it a “formal” or a “leavers dance”. Same idea though, formal dresses, kilts, limos and so on.

  4. sina p says:

    i see Sara on the thumbnail out of the corner of my eye – i immediately click on the video

  5. molrose says:

    I didn’t go to prom because I was bullied and sad


    3:55 ‘better’ ha she’s turning american

  7. rose Proust says:

    Nina’s dress is so so beautiful!!!!

  8. Just Another Commenter says:

    Nina looked so beautiful and elegant. I am in awe.

  9. Wolf Ganga says:

    Who else didn’t go to prom? I don’t regret it tho.

  10. Werty22 says:

    I like these people because they’re not as loud and annoying as the others and feel more real lol

  11. It's all good says:

    Those are some fairly nice dresses especially for that price! The girls I went to prom with had $600-800 dresses. That was ridiculous

    • Keira Shipp says:

      I rented mine for like £60 👍🏻

    • tessa6911 says:

      It’s all good mine was €80 lmao

    • Isabelle Taylor says:

      I spent around £80? And it’s the kind of dress that’s casual enough (for a fancy dress) to wear again. Saying that it’s still in the wardrobe after 3 years…

    • Catnip Coffee says:

      I spent less than $10 on mine from a thrift store! It was a red and black (red dress with black tulle type stuff over it) evening gown style dress covered in sparkling black stars and a corset back the length of my back.

    • greeneyes❤ says:

      i knew one girl who paid like 1k for her dress hahaha

  12. I Was Here says:

    I didn’t go to my prom for the same reasons Sara didn’t and it makes me feel a bit better lol. Like I’m not alone.

  13. Shaniacs X Ryantists says:

    i wonder how Shane would react to Sara wearing gown😍♡

  14. Ariana Navarro says:

    They should have got their hair and makeup done and found shoes to match to get the full experience. They all look so beautiful 💕

  15. Georgia Twomey says:

    Red is so Sara’s colour 😍

  16. purpleduck02 says:

    I hope Sara bought that black dress. That looked good on her.

  17. Chaitali says:

    Sara buy that Black dress….

  18. Pierre O. Park says:

    Sara looks very pretty in red. I get a feeling though that she’d have felt more comfortable in a floor-length tea dress.

    • Allison Hunter says:

      Pierre O. Park FYI a floor-length dress and a tea length dress are two very different things. As its name suggests a floor-length dress touches the floor with its bottom hem and a tea-length dress it’s bottom hem hits just below the knee. So it is actually impossible to have a floor-length tea dress.

    • Zeenah Badawi says:

      I’m so

    • Zeenah Badawi says:

      I’m So Sorry day was the wasyou that

    • Julie Kavanagh says:

      I think Sara could look really good in a high low style dress, specifically one where the front of the dress goes down to upper or mid calf and the back has a longer train. They’re definitely not common but I find them to be really gorgeous, and it could look really cute on her with some fun shoes. Plus you only have to shave a small section of your legs lol.

    • Maria valladolid says:

      Pierre O. Park I

  19. Kathleen says:

    I felt like Nina was raining on Chloe’s parade, lol.

  20. Lonelyheartsclub says:

    The east coast does prom on another level

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