World’s Best Candy | Overtime 14 | Dude Perfect

World’s Best Candy | Overtime 14 | Dude Perfect

Candy craziness, mind blowing magic and a wheely unfortunate dude!
Time for another fantastic episode of Overtime!
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38 Responses

  1. Jessica Hines says:

    “There’s power on the drill!?” Yes… that’s why it’s called a power drill

    • starwarskid111js says:

      Jessica Hines to actually correct it.. the part he’s actually twisting is the clutch and that adjusts the torque of the chuck.. not power

    • TheEvilDevil says:


    • starwarskid111js says:

      TheEvilDevil just because they say it changes the power doesn’t mean that’s in fact what it does.. the clutch changes the torque of the drill..

  2. Battling Bacon says:

    No one:
    not a single person:
    Me: shoving 70 yards of nerd rope down my throat

  3. PNY SlapShot says:

    I live in NewYork and I’ve never heard of half these candy choices
    Also, M&Ms should be #1

  4. Aiden Clayton says:

    I feel like Tyler just picks wack stuff when he’s doing these top 10’s on purpose to make everybody mad

  5. BulletDrop7 says:

    16:25 do it on .25 speed

  6. lack of subscribers says:

    DP: No cool not cool

    Me: cries in the corner.

  7. Inferno Diamond says:

    9:55 “He’s just moving his wood”

  8. dan oliver says:

    6:08if you look at the board that part was recorded after number 3 was done

  9. Purity Dust says:

    Cory: picks himself

    The rest of dude perfect: the streak is beginning

  10. Esmail's World says:

    Tyler is like me when I finish a hard test before the rest of my class


  11. Shaurya Damathia says:

    TY: a decent chair
    GARRETT: a wonderful chair
    COBY: an old-fashioned chair
    CORY: that looks like a water pump

  12. Evert Spoel says:

    Black licorice got thrown away:
    Sad Dutch noises

  13. Xenemous says:

    “M&Ms is a chocolate…”


  14. SkyStormy says:

    i’m starting to think the hats are just full of cory names

  15. 1k subs with no videos challenge says:

    6:03 why did that sound like Siri’s voice

  16. 1k subs with no videos challenge says:

    Ty: I would put tic tacs in the top 10 but they aren’t really a candy
    Also Ty: puts gum at number 6

  17. kevkiller 777 says:

    Next time on wheel unfortunate:

    Cory’s eyebrows are getting waxed.

  18. Trevor Smith says:

    Throws candy:
    All the rest of the staff: goes to eat it off the floor

  19. Surya s says:

    I want more of “Stereotypes” please. Really missing the rage monster

  20. Pokelover says:

    Tyler: Throws candy as hard as possible.

    Tootsie rolls: Ya disrespecting mez, ya clean up for ya mess. ( Breaks)

    Everyone: Oh……

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