World’s Most Amazing Dogs in Super Slow Motion! Incredible Dog Challenge in 4K!

World’s Most Amazing Dogs in Super Slow Motion! Incredible Dog Challenge in 4K!

Check out the Incredible Dog Challenge on January 2nd on NBC! Find out more info in the link below:

Super thanks to Purina Pro Plan for making this video happen! I’ve always loved dogs and was stoked for the opportunity to work with Purina and a bunch of amazing dogs and their owners on this projects. Find out more about the Incredible Dog Challenge and the dog food that fueled most of these incredible dog athletes in the link below:

Watch the video we made on what Purina Pro Plan is all about in the link below:

Watch the behind the scenes in the link below:

Music by Scott and Brendo featuring vocalist Billy Mann!

Download the song now, it’s called “Spark”

Voice Over done by the amazing Rachel Staman.

We filmed this video on the Phantom Flex in true 4K resolution at 1000 FPS (frames per second). We also used the Red Dragon in 6K filming at 82 FPS for the rest of the video footage.

Film by Devin Graham
Cinematography by Devin Graham, Jacob Schwarz, Tyson Henderson, and Megan Smee.

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20 Responses

  1. Захар Салахов says:

    i am is rasha

  2. Захар Салахов says:


  3. Christian Adventure Films says:

    Those are some amazingly talented dogs! Nice video presentation as well!

  4. Захар Салахов says:


  5. MeerkatOnDrugs SCO says:

    Minted video ??

  6. Jason Wong says:

    anyone knows the breed of the dog on the left in the thumbnail?

  7. Sgt. SLaughter says:

    Awesome video that makes me smile! Keep up the great work brother!

  8. Dave Carroll says:


  9. H Ca says:

    Dogs really are mans best friend

  10. Ebrahim Motawea says:

    damn it , even my dog think his life is boring after watching this video

  11. TheAwkwardnessOfDaisy says:

    That moment when you realize a dog is more flexible than you can ever be

  12. Xion Productions says:

    Dogs are so much better than cats

  13. iChase says:

    That one dog has mad hops.

  14. Sir Gabe says:


  15. Митя Макаров says:

    Они все такие милые и красивые.

  16. Antonio Perez says:

    It makes me upset that these dogs are used for competitive reasons and for
    actual pets.

  17. lolindirlink says:

    awesome vid. some great slomo’s!
    but i guess it also means Cats should be next right? 😛 …they should :)

  18. Sophie Hannig says:

    Why would you ever get a cat ?

  19. Tom Le says:

    Such atheletism

  20. Gaming Guy101 says:

    Great video