WOW: Joe Biden PASSIONATELY Calls Out Donald Trump on His PTSD Comments, Shares Story of Son Beau

WOW: Joe Biden PASSIONATELY Calls Out Donald Trump on His PTSD Comments, Shares Story of Son Beau

Brought to you by Desert Diamond:
Joe Biden campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Sarasota, Florida. While on stage, he brings up Donald Trump’s controversial PTSD comments.

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20 Responses

  1. DomisLive NEWS says:

    lol and people will still stand behind Trump and make excuses.

  2. Bix Nood says:

    He’s been to Afghanistan 29 times and hasn’t done a damn thing to end the
    war. He’s like a crazy old grandpa yelling at the kids to get off the
    grass. Just go home Joe and leave the little girls alone, we’re all seek
    of seeing your creepy ass put your nasty old hands on children.

  3. Sweejit says:

    They are so desperate to demonize Donald Trump that they have to fabricate
    scandals out of thin air. Go read his statement in full, it is the opposite
    of what the establishment and their lapdogs the so called “media”
    propagandists present it to be.

  4. PastorDowell says:

    Tough Talk but did you serve? Benghazi! There is not one U.S. Army
    Paratrooper that has any respect for Hillary Clinton or President Barack
    Obama, not a one who wears the JUMP WINGS!

  5. Chris Arias says:

    Amen Joe. Why didn’t you run??

  6. Chris Arias says:

    Joe Biden should have ran, he would have won in a landslide

  7. Mary Tea Seven says:

    Who is that guy? I haven’t seen his face in 8 years – until now.

  8. Themeparkfanatic says:

    Donald Trump and his ilk are nothing but Chicken Hawks. I’ve always said
    that the people that cheer the loudest for war have usually never served a
    day in actual combat. Too my knowledge, people like Donald Trump and Rush
    Limbaugh used excuses to get out of serving in active combat.

  9. Needa Shreerangath says:

    ok easy Joe, your stroke will come earlier if u keep yelling like that!

  10. Debra J Bush says:

    here we go again … liberal media copy, cut, and paste … Trump for
    President …. Go To You Tube and find Donald Trumps speech and listen for
    yourself …

  11. king kontinuum says:

    Joe Biden’s passion had me wanting to apologize for something Donald Trump
    did. Jesus.

  12. vadersdemise says:

    /r/politcs is cancer and is run by CTR.

  13. S Gr says:

    So out of context.
    I watched Trump’s speech, they just take a phrase cutting the before and
    Biden admits he didn’t hear it just from an anchor, how can you judge
    before searching the facts.
    They’re all a bunch of garbage up and down, that’s why they will be beaten
    decisively on November 8.

  14. J.D. Norcross says:

    I understand why he didn’t run, but wow he makes the other candidates look
    terrible in comparison. He would have won easily.

  15. DeFreshS10 says:

    The only Truth Trump has said this entire campaign is that he could stand
    in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone and they would still vote for

  16. UrbanMasque says:

    Who downvotes this? Seriously.

  17. Pablo Horteg says:

    Trumps calls veterans with PTSD “Weak”, but Trump himself dodged the
    Vietnam draft FIVE TIMES. Trump claims he went to war though — . “I feel
    like a great and very brave soldier,” Trump told Howard Stern in 1997, for
    “surviving” free of STDs. He declared it a “personal Vietnam.”

  18. toll_booth says:

    Gonna miss this man. Best VP in decades.

  19. Stefan Crapper says:

    People have completely gone hysterical trying make false implication of
    what trump meant. The guy is trying to increase funding for people who
    suffer from PTSD and they spin this into a negative. dafuq.

  20. Kiwi Gooner says:

    “He meant something else” says the Trump supporters. The same ones who when
    asked why the vote for Trump they answer “He says it like it is”.