Wow… Nipsey Hussle Scalpers, More Jeffree Star Theft, Israel Election, & NYC Measles Emergency

Wow… Nipsey Hussle Scalpers, More Jeffree Star Theft, Israel Election, & NYC Measles Emergency

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Scalpers Try to Sell Tickets to Nipsey Hussle’s Memorial:

Stolen Jeffree Star Product Found in Stores:

NYC Declares Public Health Emergency:
Previous Coverage:

Netanyahu Wins Re-Election in Israel:
Check out the deep dive on the election & Netanyahu:
Edited by: Julie Goldberg, Aaron C.R. Pepper
Produced by: Cecelia Applegate
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Neena Pesqueda
#DeFranco #Jeffree #Nipsey

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77 Responses

  1. Chameleon1616 says:

    I now realise you cant make a proper rant video without a flower and butterflies filter.

  2. Le Meow Battalion says:

    So Measles Parties help kids’ immune systems get acquainted with the virus by exposing them to it?

    That just sounds like vaccination but really really dangerous and idiotic

    • Sierra Southwell says:

      Probably came from the idea of Chicken Pox parties. Except, even in young kids measles is a much more serious disease. And the point of the pox parties was to literally get your kid sick. I’m not sure what other outcome these parents are expecting.

    • Celina K says:

      +Sierra Southwell isn’t there something about chicken pox being a risk when pregnant.

    • eiri goldpetal says:

      +Celina K my grandma contracted rubella while she was pregnant with my aunt, who was then born with spina bifida. The treatments and surgeries back then were not like they have today and my aunt was a medical nightmare her whole life and died young. I’m not sure about chicken pox, but there is a proven correlation between rubella and pregnancy that will cause all sorts of horrible defects such as spina bifida

    • Bewe Issor says:

      +Celina K its dangerous if you get it adult (chicken pox), thats why you want to get it young. Plus it really sucks when you get it as an adult (got it at 21 y/o and was sick for a full month and half, had to sleep with socks on my hand at night to not scratch).

  3. Alisa Nundez says:

    I cannot beleive that we are back to having people rediscover the effectiveness of vaccines.

  4. Onyx Gjertsen says:

    Blow-Dart Vaccinations. Walking through the park and suddenly, vaccinated.

  5. Steph Lewis says:

    No one:

    Justin Timberlake as an antivaxxer:
    I’m bringing measles back

  6. duCK says:

    When I want to grow up-

    Anti vaxx mom: Hold on there buckeroo

    • InfinitySplitDa456 says:

      +eiri goldpetal Wow, you have access to the total number of vaccinne injuries and negative long term health effects? Well the Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare org took a year with a budget of a million dollars to investigate the reporting on vax injury and found that LESS than one percent of all adverse reactions are reported through VAERS! But you have privileged data to make a judgement on the matter? Ok you convinced me

      There is no control group with vaccines! Ergo no definitive safety can be applied to vaccines!

      The 2017 Mawson pilot study found the closest thing to a control group with vaccines (homeschoolers) and their overall level of contracting diseases was way lower! Guess if anyone of them died from measles

    • Kill Mr . Kill me says:

      Also of course there aren’t any “actual debates,” there’s nothing to debate about!
      Every single damned argument has already been debunked countless times before.

    • Pascal Puttee says:

      Like how is it that measles cases drop to nothing when vaccination rates are high but rise when people refuse to vaccinate. You don’t need to look for debates on the internet: Open your eyes and look outside.

    • InfinitySplitDa456 says:

      +Pascal Puttee Look at the tables through the 20th century. They dropped before vaccines were widely applied. Standby for citation, I’m at work, but I will get it to you by days end. This topic is very important

    • InfinitySplitDa456 says:

      +Kill Mr . Kill me You proved my point in spades. The science is so settled there does not exist a debate. Yet so many disagree on the subject. Your reasoning needs a punch up, respectfully

  7. Yanga says:

    Make non-vaccinators be treated equally as child abusers. With the complete wrath of the law.

  8. Emily G says:

    Me: sees black hole…

    Thinks: nooo it’s the eye of Sauron!!!


    • Anthony Cullen says:

      When Phil made reference to the Heroes logo, I did a double-take.

      Like, wait what?! That was the *best* reference you could make, really? ?

    • Me Cooper says:

      You’d think the biggest scientific discovery and the Higgs boson would get more time than Jeffy star and their freaking makeup…

  9. hachiroku907 says:

    How are you gonna be against vaccination but then try and “build their immunity” with “measles parties”? Lmao wut?

  10. Nick Urban says:

    “Let’s expose our kid to Measles so they can build a resistance to it”
    So literally what an MMR vaccine would do but more dangerous.

    • Tony Peppermint says:

      +vilieto Yeah. It is funny when anti-vaxxers are pretty much spreanding the message of a company.

    • vilieto says:

      +Tony Peppermint I don’t remember anymore what was the company that paid him, but I love the argument about “vaccine companies started this on purpose so they get more money” , hence why the “parties” so Big Pharma can’t get anything. The mental gymnastics are almost as bad as flat earthers, but at least those ones are completely harmless.

    • Abdulrahim Arshad says:

      +Steward of Autumn apples have mercury in them lol

    • gracefuleg says:

      +InfinitySplitDa456 actually measles creates immunity amnesia, which means it pretty much resets your immune system hurting you greater in the long run while the vaccine is just the shell of the virus which teaches your immune system how to fight it so you don’t get the actual disease. I don’t know why people don’t talk about the immunity amnesia more but that is really scary and creates long term effects.

    • Tony Peppermint says:

      +vilieto Oh yeah.

  11. shadowdagger2 says:

    How old do I have to be to say this: “Back in my day vaccinations were good and Nazi’s were bad!”

    • Randall Bourque says:

      +Madeline LaTour While I agree with you on him being an idiot for saying that if you can’t see the media and Social network companies naming anyone A NHAZHI because they hold republican views then your in a deeper state of denial than Will is.

    • SpeckOfDignity says:

      shadowdagger2 – about 16

    • Kate Tatman says:

      +WillTheProdigy i mean there are literally white supremists holding rallies in the streets but yeah those silly liberalz are just #triggered

    • Dimytri says:

      +Kate Tatman where are they? There was the unite the right rally where 20 losers showed up but that’s the only i know of.

    • Kate Tatman says:

      +Dimytri google exists.

  12. Naes Needs help says:

    New York gonna turn into the real life division

  13. Rukifellth says:

    Vaccines: We’ll level up by gaining experience against these weaker mobs, so we’ll be prepared if we run into stronger ones!


  14. Michael Scott Matthews says:

    I live in Williamsburg Brooklyn myself and I can tell you these people don’t believe in science

    • Michael Scott Matthews says:

      klumpy777 I’m joking but even then the joke has a degree of truth to it

    • argo r says:

      +klumpy777 science was outdated then. Not to mention the rev generated by big tobacco companies, by having a doctor or scientist as there spokesperson. You’re not comparing that to the modern scientific proof that vaccines work, are you?

    • klumpy777 says:

      +argo r “science was outdated then.”
      Care to elaborate? meaning you can say that the science is outdated NOW but you need to prove it was outdated then get it? Because like i have already said they had PEER REVIEWED studies.

      “Not to mention the rev generated by big tobacco companies, by having a doctor or scientist as there spokesperson.”
      And how is that any different than vaccine makers?

      “You’re not comparing that to the modern scientific proof that vaccines work, are you?
      “How could you not? You got a company that tells you what they SELL is safe and you got independent research and doctors that tell you it is not, what are you not getting?

    • Feggot [_¡_] says:

      +klumpy777 are you against or for vaccinations?

    • klumpy777 says:

      +Feggot [_¡_] I am for critical thinking. And open debate.

  15. Kitty745Kat says:

    Measles party
    That’s enough internet for today

  16. James Wise Magic says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if you do not get your children vaccinated then you should lose custody because you are unfit to be a parent. You are a danger to others.

    • James Wise Magic says:

      +klumpy777 I love the sarcasm in your comment because they already do have the power to do so. CPS- Child protection services. Have you never heard of it?? ??

    • klumpy777 says:

      I hope your complete trust in the government doesn’t bite you in the
      @ss. But I’m sure that it won’t happen to someone of your high intelligence.

    • James Wise Magic says:

      +klumpy777 Good lord….. ?‍♂️?‍♂️

    • klumpy777 says:

      I could live in the woods but that would be little help for the vaxxed seeing as how vaccinated people still catch the diease they were vaccinated for.
      “Officials deny lack of vaccinations caused whooping cough outbreak in Los Angeles”
       “Engelberg also told reporters that only 18 of Harvard-Westlake’s roughly 1,600 students have medical exemptions allowing them to opt out of immunizations. He added that none of those students have contracted the disease.”

    • lini lini says:

      +klumpy777 people do doubt the government but when it comes to protecting the lives of the vulnerable, then yeah on this instance, the government is right. It’s very simple: measles was gone and now it’s back in direct correlation with the rise of the anti vax movement. I think you people have become too comfortable living in a vaccinated world you don’t realise the horror of the pre vax days. Just appreciate you’re able to live in a largely hygienic world where, until now, you weren’t dropping dead because someone breathed on you.

  17. Trevor Wallace says:

    Thanks for the shoutout!
    – Fuckboi Harry Potter

  18. Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone says:

    Alucard, you’re slacking… these are the actual timestamps

    Black Hole: 0:07 — Nipsey Hussle: 0:53 —- Jeffree Star: 2:21 — TIA: 5:33 — Measles: 5:52 —- Isreali Elections: 10:08

  19. StealthySpy101 says:

    I just wish Hawkings was alive to see proof of the black hole, he could’ve won a Nobel Prize too……..RIP Hawkings

  20. Silver Eyeshadow says:

    “Measle parties”..?? What the actual hell? Never heard of that batshit insane idea before. And here I thought that I couldn’t be shocked anymore. Idiots….?

    • brabus maximus says:

      Whatever kills you makes you stronger

    • Frank Holland says:

      They use to be quite popular. I think the thought was that some of these disease are MUCH worse when they affect an adult so therefore you expose them as a child when its not as bad.

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