WWE Superstars celebrate Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s baby

WWE Superstars celebrate Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s baby

Birdie is here, and WWE Superstars sent their love on social media to Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan on the arrival of their baby girl.
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20 Responses

  1. The_ Viper_620 says:

    Daniel Bryans Daughter> Roman Reigns

  2. wkbeats says:


  3. AJ STYLES says:


  4. Rygamer Roblox Ironmaiden and More! says:


  5. Shivesh Sarowa says:

    *I don’t know why some idiots are now turning on DBryan. For me he was the perfect Babyface in years and best technical wrestler*

  6. queen Alexa says:

    being related to danial bryan already makes her a better wrestler than roman reigns

  7. AJ STYLES says:

    kathy kelly >>>> alexa bliss in terms of looks ,,,, its true ,its damn true

  8. bassican7 says:

    I love Kurt’s tweet haha

  9. Sanu Thomas Kutty says:

    future wwe “yes yes yes yessss”???????????

  10. Will Power Fan says:

    When is she making her WWE debut?

  11. That Man Was The Braun Strowman says:

    why Birdie??

  12. Johnny Gonzalez says:

    The Baby debuted before Emmalina

  13. EvanZ says:

    WWE Wrestlers are superhumans. Brie – “Im pregnant for three weeks”

    Few days later

    *WWE Superstars Celebrate Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan’s baby.*


  14. SS87_AFC says:

    A bit weird but imagine if Maxel Hardy and Birdie Joe Danielson got married. They would be a next generation WWE Family.

  15. RomAN SuCks says:

    She is more over than Roman Reigns

  16. Heels to Faces says:

    Baby Dragon

  17. Nicole Stillman says:

    who can dislike this…cold hearted people ….

  18. MILKEiscool says:

    Plot Twist:

    That’s John Cena’s baby.

  19. moh amine says:

    I miss the american dragon daniel bryan not this yes man gimmick

  20. •Makai• says:

    Why is everyone so concerned about her name? They can’t even stop by to leave a simple “Congratulations”?

    also, congrats good luck with the baby!

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