X-Force Joins Deadpool in Fortnite! | Fortnite

X-Force Joins Deadpool in Fortnite! | Fortnite

Psylocke, Domino, and Cable make their appearances and join Deadpool in Fortnite! Head to the Item Shop to grab them now. https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/news/cable-psylocke-and-domino-join-deadpool-in-fortnite-x-force

X-Force! That is right all you rapscallions, criminals and ne’er-do-wells. Ha. Ne’er-do-wellers. Better be careful because one of the greatest mutant teams ever just landed in the world of Fortnite. Did you really think Deadpool could do it all by himself? Well, yes he probably could, but maximum effort requires — well maximum effort.

The X-Force team members joining Deadpool in Fortnite are Cable, Domino and Psylocke. Ohhhh all the bad guys in Fortnite have no idea what’s coming. And it’s time the Merc put his money where his Mouth is!

Watch this video to see how these new Fortnite X-Force Outfits look. Then fire up Fortnite and head to the Item Store and claim Cable, Psylocke, or Domino. Or get them all!

Then, party up and roll teams for a Victory Royale as one beautiful X-Force squad repping each team member.

The Fortnite X-Force Outfits are available now in the Item Shop!

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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74 Responses

  1. Eni Salihu says:

    0:22 Psylocke’s pixace is amazing

  2. Demogorgon says:

    “Isn’t that a little derivative?”
    “You’re absolutely right”

  3. Beaverlife says:

    Has anyone realized that Deadpool can’t be in Fortnite cuz he is immortal

  4. Sub to me for no reason Challenge says:

    When you’re late and can’t find any bot comments

  5. FLASH DRIVE says:

    Fortnite you just had to make them THAT expensive damn😂😂

  6. mdst. says:

    These skins are based off the 90’s comic characters not the movie characters

  7. Mattqew says:

    If only fortnite was actually like this…

    Brings me nostalgia for the old fortnite

  8. Ceru - VoyagerVidz says:

    Everyone: *Fighting*
    Deadpool: Ima head out!

  9. Brenno 835 says:

    Minecraft fanboys when a new video or trailer is released:
    Time to farm likes

  10. SRshaiyan says:

    2019: Avengers
    2020: X-Force

  11. Shaked says:

    It was better with X Gon Give It To Ya in the background

  12. 69,000 Subscribers For My Dog says:

    *I bet these kids don’t even know these Marvel characters*

  13. Eth5N says:



  14. Marshadow says:

    Sweats: fOrtNitE iS dYinG!

    Literally everyone who is enjoying the collaborations and storyline: *Visible confusion*

    • Dude Gal says:

      Melih 7777 then explain why last season there weren’t weekly updates and why did the season last 4 months?!!!

    • Star Boots says:

      ikr x5

    • UwU says:

      It might be the most popular,but mostly hated as what I have heard.

    • yung fishhy says:

      statistically its popularity peaked in season 3

    • Melih 7777 says:

      @Dude Gal because Epic we’re trying to test new things like the new engine which they wanted to include in the game. This and many other things can’t be done in a week. I was a bit pissed as well when the season was going on for a long time. But if they are doing great things (which I’m sure of will happen) I forgive them.

  15. 1,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge says:

    fortnite : releases new bundle
    credit card : Ah shi* here we go again

  16. Patrick with 10,000 subscribers with no videos says:

    9 year olds: mOm i nEeD yOuR cReDiT cArD AgAiN

  17. JahGoCrazzy says:

    Why have I never fought a fight like that in the trailer

  18. AMOnatin 101 says:

    0:24 FINISH HIM

  19. Sabin TM says:

    I swear bro the enemy in these trailers always has 1 hp

  20. Tvirus bro says:

    Deadpool: I am losing
    Xforce: let’s get u some wins

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