X2: X-Men United – Nostalgia Critic

X2: X-Men United – Nostalgia Critic

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Many call it the best X-Men movie, but Nostalgia Critic has some problems with it that a lot of people choose to ignore. Let’s take a look at X2: X-Men United.
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X2 (often promoted as X2: X-Men United is a 2003 American superhero film. The film is based on the X-Men superhero team appearing in Marvel Comics. It is the sequel to 2000’s X-Men, as well as the second installment in the X-Men film series, and features an ensemble cast including Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Brian Cox, Alan Cumming, Bruce Davison, and Anna Paquin.

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73 Responses

  1. Channel Awesome says:

    What is the best and worst X-Men movie?
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    • Mikey Reu says:

      Best: DOFP
      Worst: X: oragins Wolverine
      Overrated: Deadpool(1)
      Underrated: First Class

    • David Emmerich says:

      The worst one is most definitely three because they made a movie just to get rid of it wipe it from canon and well Wolverine origins is awful without it we wouldn’t have Deadpool we wouldn’t have one of the funniest scenes in Deadpool 2 and while they fuck everybody else on that movie up pretty bad Hugh Jackman still feels like wolverine and he is at least enough to carry the movie until you get to the end

    • Boozal m says:

      Really? You really think “famke janssen” is pronounced that way? So uneducated douglas.

    • Bob L-B says:

      Best and Worst X-Men movies in my opinion:
      Best- Days of Future Past
      Worst- X-Men Origins Wolverine
      *(Deadpool and Deadpool 2 don’t count for best or worst, because those movies are more about Deadpool than the X-Men.)*

    • Jason Canby says:

      Best: Logan
      Worst: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  2. DerekGuerrero says:

    I’m pretty sure those military spec ops would know how to disable some security systems

  3. spekor says:

    “starts a car with his claw. how the hell does that even work?”

    well you see nostalgia critic.. if you shove something metal hard enough into the key slot in the ignition it’ll break the tumblers allowing the ignition to turn without the need for a key…. but than i’m proud of my education in stuff other than pedantic movie trivia

    • Mike McTighe says:

      Hell, I didn’t even need education. I’ve had enough keys and locks to know how they work.

    • spekor says:

      heh i was being mostly sarcastic.. but yeah pretty much if you want to hardwire a car.. don’t try to rub wires togather.. just shove a pocket knife in the ignition key hole. it’ll do the job just fine

  4. DemomanX614 says:

    Don’t talk about comparing it to comic books when you clearly don’t know much about comics.

    • Nathan Is a Mouse says:

      Or even the 90s cartoon he supposedly loves, which explains that flight and super strength _aren’t_ among Rogue’s mutant powers or that Professor X is only telepathic while Jean is both telepathic and telekinetic.

    • DemomanX614 says:

      +Nathan Is a Mouse

      Rogue originally didn’t have those powers but were given after “stealing” them from… I can’t remember, was it ms marvel?

    • Lloyd Christian says:

      DemomanX614 yeah she held on to ms marvel for to long and got flight and super strength

    • S.A. says:

      +Lloyd Christian and Ms marvel went comatose

  5. Shadowkey392 says:

    22:34 clearly, Critic, you do not know as much as you think you do; Xavier is merely psychic, not telekinetic.

  6. ConservaDuck says:

    Xavier doesn’t have telikinesis,
    storm can’t control running water, that’s not part of weather,
    ice man is a kid and not that strong

    But yeah jean could probably lift the plane from inside, but even if you say she couldn’t put so much force on the water without being next to it, nightcrawler could just teleport Jean away as soon as the plane got lifted

    • Jason Kelly says:

      Storm has been shown to move running water in the comics before. Her powers control the water cycle via air pressure.

    • Nathan Is a Mouse says:

      Plus Rogue can’t fly or have super strength without stealing those from someone else (like Carol Danvers, for example).

  7. Bag2218 says:

    “Xavier couldn’t have lifted the plane from inside?”
    ….No….no he couldn’t have.

    • Neos Geos says:

      Still doesn’t change the fact that Jean could’ve lifted the plane…

    • Chup Smith says:

      I immediatelly went to check the comments to see how many times her was corrected on this ^_^ (and I thought he was a comics fan, or at least a fan of the 90s cartoon, and he STILL didn’t know that Professor X powers are Telepathic only?).

    • Chup Smith says:

      +Jeff Jacobson Ow…. ^_^

    • Kaibaman41 says:

      +Dargonhuman Actually Charles in general is a Psychic, yes him being a TELEPATH is part of his move pool but he is Psychic….they can move shit.

  8. Greasy hair says:

    I love nightcrawler in this movie.

    • Arkylie says:

      I appreciate that they showed him at his earlier, less confident phase, and that they didn’t cut out the religious aspect that is a key facet of his character, but they did make his religious side crazy-fanatic (“I self-harm for every sin, so there’s a lot of cuts” wtf), and I really wish they’d get around to showing his awesome swashbuckling elf at *some* point. Ideally with Shadowcat. Compare the much more sensitive episode of the 90’s cartoon, wherein they showed a devoted, caring, forgiving man who didn’t have a guilt complex. Not exactly the swashbuckling elf, no, but quite nice.

      (Of course, compare also the comic arc in which someone finagled to get him elected Pope so they could target all devout Catholics with tainted Communion Wafers and get them to disappear, thus convincing people that the Rapture had happened. So the movie was an improvement on *that* at least. Sigh.)

    • Black Ninja says:

      Yet, never heard of or seen again

    • Greasy hair says:

      +Black Ninja well he was young in the newer ones but the Alan Cummings nightcrawler just sorta vanished!

  9. Jeremy Higgins says:

    Oy, dude. They didn’t “do” anything “to” Rogue.
    Her natural powerset DID NOT INCLUDE flight or strength – she permastole those from Miss Marvel (Captain Marvel).

    • Nathan Is a Mouse says:

      Same reason Miss Marvel’s comatose state was equally permanent.

      The longer the touch, the longer the theft and energy drain.

    • cdubbart says:

      I think the main focus is that rogue was never more interesting than when she had Ms. Marvel’s powers.

    • Xylarxcode says:

      +Yvan N Technically speaking, Rogue can permanently steal ANY mutants power if she holds on to them long enough. She would kill them in the process, but if she were to do so, she would permanently gain their powers. When she held on to Ms Marvel, Ms Marvel fought her off for a very long time and refused to give up. She was trained to fight until the bitter end and the long exposure to Rogue’s power caused a permanent transfer of her powers to Rogue. Rogue can do that to any mutant (note that Ms Marvel was NOT a mutant, so Rogue’s powers are not limited to mutants only), but at a cost. She also absorbs their personality and identity from using her powers like that. To my knowledge, Rogue has never completely killed anyone through the use of her powers, though. Putting Ms Marvel in a coma is the closest she’s ever come to killing someone through her powers.

    • Nirakolov says:

      Ah, so killing Ms Marvel wouldn’t change her personality in the slightest.

    • Boozal m says:

      I wish plebs actually knew the backstories….Massive face palm to every noob who knows jack shit.

  10. Kujakuseki01 says:

    Xavier isn’t a telekinetic. He can’t move things, so no he couldn’t have lifted the plane.

    Jean not lifting the plane from the inside has always bugged me, though.

    • Adrian Pietkiewicz says:

      Couldn’t he halt time though like he did in the museum? Or was he using Cerebro then? I can’t remember

    • Lord-of-Change says:

      +Adrian Pietkiewicz He wasn’t halting time, he was just freezing up all the regular people so the mutants could make a clean get-away. Time was still flowing normally.

    • Damon242 says:

      Ti Minou I think the implication is that as she has to create a barrier of sorts to push the water around the plane while outside of it, she couldn’t do the same from within.

      She was what the water bent around, so she needed to be on the outside to keep the plane from being hit.

    • Damon242 says:

      Adrian Pietkiewicz he didn’t halt time, he’s a telepath. All he did was take control everyone in the museum and paused their movements (one of the kids ends up toying with one of the people frozen by the professor, and the ice is still dripping off the bully’s chin)

    • Adrian Pietkiewicz says:

      +Damon242 Ah thanks for clarifying

  11. Alec McInnis says:

    actually, blue skin is sign of an x-gene

  12. The Fan Without a Face says:

    Dude, watch X-men Evolution. Rogue can’t fly there either but is still plenty capable.

    • thebeav PercabethFTW says:

      I will say this, Evan was probably my biggest issue with Evolution. He wasn’t completely terrible, but of the 6 Main teenage Heroes, he was the worst for me. If I were to rate them from best to worst it would go Rogue, Kurt, Kitty, Jean, Scott, and Evan.

    • Insidious One says:

      +Vlavitir glutginskiya because you can’t fit all the comics lore and characters into 2 hour long movie, the series is much more convenient format. That’s also why most manga adaptations are series, not movies, because the Japanese are smarter.

    • Theman says:

      She can later in a flashback

    • Nathan Is a Mouse says:

      Rogue’s flight and super strength are the results of stealing powers from Miss Marvel (the same character currently known as Captain Marvel) to the point of putting her in a coma (back when that was a bad thing and we weren’t all wishing she’d have stayed comatose another couple of decades).

      Thus in continuities where she hasn’t encountered Miss Marvel to steal her powers, she doesn’t fly or have super strength. Easy peasy.

    • Claire McCrae says:

      X-men evolution is what started my love of X-Men and Nightcrawler when I was 9 or 10 years old. I used to loyally watch it when it was on Cartoon Network,every night at 9:30 (If I remember correctly) <3.

  13. Arthur Williams says:

    18:00 Suddenly several of the female characters have the hots for Wolverine. It’s almost as though he was played by Hugh Jackman, voted the world’s hottest man or something 😉

  14. Lynnette Ott says:

    Okay first, the Professor can NOT move things with his mind. Second, this movie has its flaws but it will always be one of my favorite X-Men movies.

    • Dark-Slayer says:

      Yes he actually can he just always gets shit writers that forget he can.
      There’s several instances where he has done it but for some reason people like you would prefer Xavier be weaker than he actually is.

  15. Alexander Grayson says:

    Their security system is Wolverine. What better security do you need?

    • Nova1080 says:

      Apparently a better one since the Wolverine system didn’t work that well.

    • Alexander Angelus says:

      Nova 1080 Considering he killed like, half their force and they only managed to capture, what, six kids out of the hundreds in there, I’d say it worked a lot better than it should have. Actually… Come to think of it, where did these other kids go? They get out with Colossus but what then? Never thought about it before…

    • Nova1080 says:

      I think he killed like 5 guys before getting emotionally paralyzed. Something he does a lot. The kids that escaped most;y did because of the older students. During this review, I was also wondering what happened to them. I don’t remeber them saying anything about it.

    • S.A. says:

      They circumvented the primary security because of Magneto’s intel.

    • LadyChrya says:

      +Nova1080 They ran to the Deadpool movie.

  16. Tai Bro says:

    Does Critic not know how Nightcrawler’s teleportation works? His teleportation is limited on not just his ability to see the place he is going, but basic knowledge and memory of the schematics of the place he is teleporting too.

    • Boozal m says:

      He doesn’t know much about anything really.

    • TheDahaka1 says:

      +Erik Lerström I don’t think you know what the word “hyperbole” means.
      Take your literalist crap elsewhere

    • Ryan McGregor says:

      Tai Bro Then why does he say “I have to be able to see where I’m going”?

    • DemomanX614 says:

      +Ryan McGregor
      He even says at one part “I could teleport into a wall”

    • Gamesmaster045 says:

      It’s not so much he can’t but as a rule of thumb it’s not a good idea to teleport when you don’t know what you’re teleporting into .It could be a table, a fridge, hell it could be all solid steel.

  17. rum runner says:

    I can prove I am the BIGGEST NERD EVER:
    In the X-Men animated series, right before Magneto offers to bust him out, Beast was in prison reading “Animal Farm”. I wonder if there is a connection there.

  18. punkrocker4life9674 says:

    I was always addicted to the fight between Wolverine and Lady Deathstryke. It was so awesome and holds up well. Imagine if this was rated R, and we got Logan level of violence for the fight!

    • jp3813 says:

      I remember some fans back then complaining that Wolverine always gets his ass kicked by women. Even though a child w/ Magneto’s powers would easily beat him.

  19. Evgen Khersonets says:

    X-men 2 is much better than first movie. It’s actually good

  20. Steroid Sausage says:

    Did you record this video before reading the comments of the last one? Rogue wouldn’t be able to fly in the time these movies were set.

    Edit: Xmen have fought the military before.

    Edit 2: Wolverine has had a relationship with mystique.

    Edit 3: it’s adamantium, not anamantium.

    Edit 4: Storm has resistance to cold.

    Edit 5: Prof x is telepathic, not telekinetic.

    Edit 6: Prof x said he feels bad for anyone who tries to break in to the school because of how powerful some of the mutants are, not because he installed security.

    Edit 7: we wouldn’t have known for a fact that Wolverine survived when the movie came out because… the other movies hadn’t come out…

    Edit 8: Magneto wasn’t riding a roomba, he was riding a plate of iron which he ripped out of someone’s body.

    Edit 9: The son had to get prof x to trust him, and the scene only lasted for a couple minutes.

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