Xbox One 1TB Console with New Xbox One Wireless Controller

Xbox One 1TB Console with New Xbox One Wireless Controller

Major Nelson shares details on the Xbox One 1TB console with the new Xbox One Wireless Controller, which now includes a 3.5mm headset jack.

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20 Responses

  1. Marcos Oliveira says:

    Larry Hryb com o Xbox One com 1tb e o controle novo…

  2. mcnight says:

    Does anybody know if the Xbox 1 still needs wifi to play games cause I’m
    thinking of buying one but I don’t have wifi

  3. Max says:

    oh yeah, fans asked for more memory so you make a new xbox? yeah because
    ill just buy a brand new xbox for 500gb more, id rather change the HDD

  4. babafett99 says:

    matte ;-;

  5. PoeticArts says:

    what desk is that behind him?

  6. Bobby O says:

    People should be able to trade in their old Xbox One (in good condition)
    and get like 50% discount off the new one.

  7. thomas says:

    Can I return my current console for this?

  8. ivegotabfmv says:

    0:35 – 0:38 “This year is the biggest year in Xbox One history!”…it came
    out 1 1/2 years ago. Derp.

  9. - Cypher - says:

    I’d would love that controller with the headphone jack but I’m broke.
    Thanks for not adding that in the first place Microsoft…

  10. FearPlayz Gaming says:

    Ok 1 big hardrive and controller update and now what back to $500 dollars?
    oh please no!

  11. Jonathan Caldera says:

    Was anyone able to see what he was holding during 2:08-216? I couldn’t see

  12. Jungyeon Kim says:

    Does the new controller works with the old xbox one 500GB model?

  13. José Pedrón says:

    #XboxOne 1TB Console With New Xbox One #WirelessController

  14. givememore4free says:

    Order now and get WINDOWS 9

  15. viniciusrocKer1 says:

    please make the xbox headset adapter more cheap!!!!

  16. Gino Colin says:

    How much is it gonna cost.

  17. too school for cool says:

    1tb Hard Dives aren’t very new….

  18. 1JokeRCSS says:

    OR you can buy a 3tb External HDD for cheaper, just saying

  19. Matheus Rodrigues says:

    It’s Amazing!!! =D

  20. Mohammed Azid says:

    Oh the temptation!