Xbox Series X – Loading Times Tech Demo

Xbox Series X – Loading Times Tech Demo

Demo uses backward compatible Xbox title to demonstrate load time technology and does not represent gameplay optimized for Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X is the fastest, most powerful Xbox console ever.

Through Xbox Series X’s revolutionary Velocity Engine Architecture, gamers will experience more time playing and less time waiting as loading times will be greatly decreased and fast travel systems will be just that: fast.

Power Your Dreams.

Get a closer look at the technology powering the Xbox Series X:


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78 Responses

  1. Arsalan Khan says:

    Should’ve done with GTA 5

  2. Junior Mphahlele says:

    7 Seconds of loading time on the Xbox series x. Impressive.

  3. Chris Bass says:

    8 seconds. That’s insane

  4. Minhaan Khan says:

    Basically difference between ssd and hdd

  5. _ Lazybagofchips _ says:

    Me: oh wow, thats really impressive

    My wallet: Ima just stop you right there

  6. BasicHaddock4 says:

    Yall aren’t playing around 🔥💯💯

  7. PrismStar77 says:

    10 seconds vs 50 seconds

  8. MemeStealerStephan says:

    But xbox, how am I going to read the tips?

  9. EricGames says:

    This would have been even more impressive if they showed Halo Infinite booting up on each console 😉

  10. Kaydzy says:

    Why am I so excited for something I can’t afford

  11. Van Dammage says:

    B E A S T L Y

  12. Maqesh says:

    Next time try with GTA V, that’ll be real show of the differences

  13. Reign Of The Third Eye says:

    Yeeeesh that’s impressive!

  14. Krishna Kanth says:

    Can we get the console on Holiday without pandemic affecting production or stock???

  15. No Commentary says:

    I want to see Halo Infinite Gameplay PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAASE

  16. NATHAN CLARKE says:

    Loading times are quick cannot wait to get my hands on one

  17. Tyler Willsie says:

    Show us Red Dead 2 or GTA, then I’ll be impressed

  18. NeoS13 240 says:

    Me: “Hey bro wanna run some strikes on destiny?

    Friend: “Yea bro I’m loading in right now”

    Me: “Bro were like half way through the strike”

    Friend: “Alright bro you still on? Bro you there……*switches to home screen* wtf he was last online 10 minutes ago”

  19. EruditeW0lf says:

    Does this mean Destiny 2’s loading times will finally catch up with Destiny 1?

  20. Spiffy Gonzales says:

    Consoles: Faster Area Loading Times!
    PC: what’s a loading time?

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