Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: The Ultimate Slider?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: The Ultimate Slider?

The bezelless, notchless slider. Can’t even be mad.

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Intro Track: Pyramid – The Phoenix



Phone provided by Xiaomi for video

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70 Responses

  1. the Royal Big Mac says:

    Btw guys it’s no audio jack, so better have those Bluetooth headsets ready x)

  2. Darek says:

    It’s not glass, it’s ceramic. Also not springs, magnets. U used to be a TECH YouTuber.. what happened?

  3. Iain Dunlop says:

    Tesla surfboard, weird flex but ok

  4. Ashutosh Tewari says:

    Its ceramic btw

  5. Sabin Jurj says:

    The pop-up camera is the best design. I take few selfies, so it wil outlast the phone. This slide thing will fail at some time because of constant use while fidgeting.

  6. Eigil Mandrup says:

    I love this form of video that isn’t 13 min long 🙂

  7. HameChiz says:

    Honor magic 2

  8. E L :// F U N says:

    First of all.
    1. You can change/disable the sounds effects for the sliding mechanism.
    2. It’s not springs, it’s neodymium magnets.
    3. It’s not glass but ceramic.
    4. There’s a 5G, Snapdragon 855 and a 10GB RAM variant. (not available yet)

    Minor details that he’d forgot to mention or just didn’t know it yet.

    EDIT: Thank you, MKBHD for the comment correction.

    • Epic Compilations says:

      +Aryan .M.A You’re really supporting vivo and oppo? Agreed they make cool Tech advancement…..But Have you looked at vivo phones lately? Its user interface? Come on man.. Its like they copied apple and pasted on their phone’s forehead. Xiaomi’s user interface is totally different. …still buggy though. . But you know , bieng an android phone you can always download other launchers and just customize anyway you want. But i agree with the fact that they had apple-like interface before. Its chinese …give ’em time…They’ll evolve.

    • Aryan .M.A says:

      +Epic Compilations Agreed

    • Richie Hyacinth says:

      +Aryan .M.A The Snapdragon 855 model with 10 GBs of RAM specifically has 5G, non of the other models do. Prick

    • ermocrate says:

      It has face unlock as far as I know

  9. MrSabifa says:

    Is it really glass? I always thought that the mi mix series is ceramic

  10. Spectrum says:

    Are you high on what?
    The back isn’t glass, it’s ceramic.
    And the sliding mechanism isn’t based on spring spring bt magnets.

  11. Aryak Mohanty says:

    Man most of the information you have given in this vedio is wrong…..eg.- there is a gap to avoid any friction………

  12. Tobias Dettinger says:

    Linus was faster and more honest.

    • Olov Stener says:

      It’s not a competition.

    • that mofo says:

      linus was biased

    • Tobias Dettinger says:

      +Olov Stener yeah but i rather would watch a true and honest test/rewiev/overview about something than a just overpositive and shiny test… I want clear answers.

    • Olov Stener says:

      +Tobias Dettinger I’m in the business, I already know the products. I find Marques more entertaining and serious. Suits me better.

    • Tobias Dettinger says:

      +Olov Stener i disagree. Have you ever worked in a serious music industry? Or in a tech industry? No. Then you don’t have any knowledge of how to review a product honest. Mark-ass was good all the years but 2018 and now 2019 is just finding things amazing and not to be honest. The phone is always perfect in mark-asses way.

  13. Falcon says:

    i would rather sacrifice a little bit of screen for a bigger battery, better front facing camera & speaker, face unlock, better durability , waterproof and maybe even an under screen fingerprint sensor
    I dont get why people rather have 2mm more screen…

  14. Luis Pedro says:

    It’s magnetic not a spring-loaded

  15. Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss says:

    I wonder how much longer people are going to make the same “Mark Ass Brownlee” joke.

  16. Joschi says:

    As others have mentioned. This is not a glass back, but ceramic (quite a difference). But more important in my opinion: The slider has no springs, but magnets.

  17. Amay b says:

    Mark ass brownlee..

    U remember it right ?

  18. Valtteri Tabell says:

    The FBI is sad because they can’t watch you all time trough the front facing camera

  19. Chromnom says:

    I like those short videos, if there is a special topic to talk about for itself, but I don’t mind longer videos for like a full review or something, as well.

  20. Marques Brownlee says:

    Pinned comment correction time (since there are no annotations)

    The slippery back is ceramic, like the rest of the Mi Mix series
    The slider mechanism is actually held in place by magnets, unlike the blackberry

    • BlackPiller says:

      That slider sound and movement. ?

    • Elderhet says:

      Could you consider hiring at least 1 guy to check all the facts you want to publish in new videos? I know barely nothing about mi mix 3 and yet I knew things you accidentally lied about. These are easy can be checked on e.g. kimovil, gsmarena etc.

    • Mess With Game says:

      *I ALSO got an iphone giveaway thingy….btw i think he never made a vedio telling the giveaway winners*

    • manuel munguia says:

      +Jasmine Lee yeah, i recieved the same trhough google photos, that was really weird, i just saw that the site was not secure then closed the page immidiately as it is probably just a scam, you can se the iphone photo low res ??.

    • Ron Simiyu says:

      +Jasmine Lee that was spam, google blocked that site

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