Yanny or Laurel: Which do you hear?

Yanny or Laurel: Which do you hear?

A talking robot has sparked a noisy online debate. People simply cannot agree about whether it says “Yanny” or “Laurel.” The dispute brings back memories of another social media bust-up, when people disagreed over the colors of a dress.

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55 Responses

  1. The Maniac says:

    I’m 13 and I hear laurel tf

  2. Summer Lover says:

    I can hear both. The very first sound made it sound like Yanny. But, if you wait a millisec, and not pay attention to that first sound, you can hear Laurel

    • Liana Soares says:

      I can’t hear Yanny AT ALL! 😱 How can YOU hear Yanny? He FLAT OUT says Laurel as his 1st word.

    • Summer Lover says:

      Liana Soares Listen to the higher pitch. Laurel is a lower sound, and Yanny is the higher pitch

    • gorrock1 says:

      I found if I close my eyes and only listen to the audio without someone prompting which I hear yanny. But if someone ask which I hear yanny or larual I hear larual because the last word they said is what my brain thinks of

    • Coolwhy0314 says:

      Same, I heard Yanny first and I replayed the video and heard laurel

    • VLOGN VEGAS says:

      Summer Lover I speak Spanish so we pronounce words differently. Yanny is yaknee” and laurel is lahooreol”. Lol English language….

  3. Broadway Ben says:

    I literally hear both! On this specific version

  4. kaylee xo says:

    the first time i saw this i heard laurel, now i hear yanny

  5. Wolf 4691 says:

    Am i the one who hears both?

  6. Silent Noble says:

    I hear NANI!?

  7. Darkdragon says:

    Everyone here is an idiot. There is different frequencies in the sounds and it can depend on headphones, age, and which word you hear more often. I hear Laurel.


    35 YRS And it is clearly LAUREL!

  9. Kimberly h says:


  10. Jayson Bennett says:

    I’m 14 I hear yanny but with concentration I was able to hear Laurel

  11. Henri Bergeron says:

    Listen close. It’s nothing but science. Yanny is played in a high pitch at a faster rate while laurel is played at a deeper pitch. I hear yanny more prominently but after some practice I can hear both. You may need to use headphone or turn up your volume to hear it though.

    • Henri Bergeron says:

      I can switch too. It just depends on which part your trying to focus on.

    • Zebra 2061 says:

      If anybody does this use a different audio clip. The one they have here is kind of crap. They talk over it and it is compressed.

    • Yep It’s Me says:

      Henri Bergeron but how is it that I always hear Yanny but when I speed it up that’s when I hear Laurel?

    • Henri Bergeron says:

      Yep It’s Me When you speed up a sound it’s tempo and pitch increase. Your ears are tuned to hear a higher pitch. This is why you usually hear yanny but when you speed it up you hear laurel.

    • Xwartu says:

      Henri Bergeron I cant hear Yanny at all

  12. Jitka Kubíková says:

    I hear Yanny

  13. Frank says:

    middle east: the third world war could happen at any minute

    western world: do you hear yanni or laurel?

  14. •Thats• •mYsTiC• says:

    I dont hear yanny, i can only hear laurel???

  15. Diamante Dea says:

    I hear both.

  16. Patrick McQuail says:

    Who cares. Cover actual news.

  17. Audrey McMace says:

    i hear yanny in one video, laurel in another, and yanny in this one

  18. anonymous says:

    *Its definitely black and blue*

  19. Reo· QUIT says:

    I’am 14 and i hear *Laurel*

  20. Abigael Mackenzie says:

    I’m 12…and I hear Laurel….😂

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