YBN Cordae Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

YBN Cordae Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

YBN Cordae goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles with Complex’s Joe La Puma and flexes serious sneaker knowledge, while talking about DMV sneakers such as Foamposites and New Balance and how he sold his sneakers to fund his studio.

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63 Responses

  1. Kpg 333 says:

    I think Domi got a bf or sum ?

  2. Bryan says:

    Bruh Cordae humble n real ?

  3. Bryan says:

    “Man that like a 05’ Honda forreal, I ain’t even like em” ?????

  4. JackieZ says:

    RIP to Complex editor for censoring EVERY curse word ??

    Thanks for the Likes 🙂 I’ve got a LIT Youtube Channel btw
    Appreciate any support. Have a Great Day 🙂

  5. Halal Flesh says:

    Cordae is the reason why i believe that there could be good young rappers out there.

  6. KARDO says:

    j cole goes sneaker shopping.

  7. MaxB says:


  8. Big Daddy says:

    Love it when they actually know wtf they talking about bring more rappers who are actually sneaker heads

  9. JSchlo401 says:

    “Damn…. 4 Bands. Nope! Put that one back.” That’s the realest thing I’ve ever seen on this show.

  10. buzzedonh2o says:

    Dude shot his shot and showed us all how to be financially responsible in a span of 10 seconds.

    • Stephen weewoo says:

      OG_Mante yeah if you knew me you would take that statement back real quick, this dude can’t be dropping 7 grand when he doesn’t even make 100,000 a year.

    • Stephen weewoo says:

      k l sorry but he ain’t making 100,000 a year. He music isn’t popping like that yet.

    • suhbaked says:

      +Stephen weewoo dawg he definately makes more than 100k a year

    • DJ says:

      Stephen weewoo his net worth is 200,000

    • Stephen weewoo says:

      DJ this is my last comment, you can be signed your music has to do well, it don’t mean shit if your signed. If he isn’t making 100,000 of music, idk what then. You have to remember this dude is not a that big of a artist he is mainly know cause he is in the ybn group.

  11. SupremeIvan says:

    Respect to Cordae for not being embarrassed for putting shoes back

  12. FromHyrule says:

    Joe La Puma shopping with Joe La Puma. Make one where he talks to himself but wearing different clothes.

  13. Júnior Sancho says:

    This about to be the 1st time i replay a Sneaker Shopping. Really a Smart Guy right there.

  14. Zaid Soulat says:

    A lot of respect for being smart with his money and not buying them 4K shoes, to ask to put it back in front of everyone, lot of these rappers couldn’t do that

  15. Pharoah 1 says:

    4 bands??? You can take them joints out. That’s like a “05” Honda. Smart kid. He literally cut that bill in half off of one pair of sneaks. That’s keeping it ????

  16. Saad Asad says:

    Next up: Joe goes sneaker shopping by himself.

  17. When berleezy sees my cock says:

    It was funny when he was rubbin his hands and stoped when he heard 7k?

  18. Raul Gutierrez says:

    My mans was like 4 bands!!!!! Nah fam I’m straight ??????

  19. SneakerTalk says:

    A real sneakerhead ??

  20. 1320 Davoo says:

    “ ahhh them dunks was like 4 bands! You can take them joints off” ??

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