Yes, This is Really Happening | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Yes, This is Really Happening | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill recaps the week in American politics in his monlogue from September 30, 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. Jose Giovanni says:

    By far one of the best monologues of the year

  2. mendezj615 says:

    thanks republitards for making this election funny y’all must be proud to
    support an idiot

  3. THApeanutMagician says:

    I love how Trump supporters say that Hillary doesn’t have the stamina to be
    president. Even if she was on life support I would still vote for her over

  4. Trek Ryder says:

    This whole show was one of Bill’s best ever. We need a media person to play
    the “everyman/woman,” to help us process the crazy, and Bill here does so
    with inspired insight. The catharsis is real, as you can hear in the
    audience’s tremendous energy. The catharsis continues during his talk with
    the panel, and Angele Rye adds a powerful voice. I think this kind of show
    is increasingly a reflection of social media culture, not corporate
    culture. Bill had his first show running during the 2000 election fiasco,
    and I wonder what might have happened if twitter had existed back then;
    would it have been possible for the cyber community to react against the
    miscounting in Florida the way they are reacting against Mr. Trump? Just
    some musings on alternative history and the power of community in

  5. phil122333 says:

    ermmmmm . the sex tape is real :,) seen it

  6. James Z says:

    Hi, Mr. Maher, I like your show because I am an atheist too. Now I support
    Trump even though he is a Christian. He is only guy who want to stop the
    invasion of Muslim which is much much more worse than Christian. We do not,
    and never will, have a perfect candidate for the president and so far Trump
    is the best choice! Please stop laughing at Trump. This makes you like a
    crown, not him. The history will proof that Mr. Trump will be one of the
    greatest president in US. I like the fact that you are smart enough to be
    an atheist, but being atheist does not means you are correct in everything.
    History is waiting for you to choose. Please choose the right side to

  7. SNORKYMEDIA says:

    ah Miss Universe – threatened to kill a judge, married a drug lord, had sex
    on tv, lied about her bulimia on tv – what a role model

  8. Emrys Trismegistus says:

    Bills a funny guy. I just wish he didn’t twist the truth so much to try and
    push his candidate into office.

  9. Daniel Raven says:

    Wow Bill’s gone full establishment shill, sad times.

  10. gothatway09 says:

    Trump just represents the xenophobic, bigoted White nationalist Republican
    party. Now the world knows what Republicans have always been, at least
    since the 1960s.

  11. John Raybould says:

    Does Trump really have a coke habit? I’m not saying it, bit many people
    are, many people, something’s going on.

  12. andrew mckim says:

    Trying to float that coke meme, discusting commies.

  13. Ben Wasserman says:

    I love how Trump’s supporters think this the liberal news going after their
    savior. He literally did all this stuff people

  14. Heinvandah says:

    Fuck you Maher, Clinton is an Islamic Supremacists apologist… No excuse
    at all you fucking moron.

  15. chasemebaby says:

    Mrs. Trump dresses up like a maid when the Viagra Kicks in. She said so in
    her snapchat video I have on my channel! Oh Donny! ( ;

  16. Smart LP says:

    And People wonder why i dont like americans.

  17. thexalon says:

    Forget Melania, I’m more worried about how Trump treats Ivanka, because he
    very obviously wants to bang her.

  18. Michael Haas says:

    I definitely don’t think that Trump won the debate but every poll I’ve seen
    said he did

  19. DarthAlphaTheGreat says:

    But the most liberal thing came out of Trump’s mouth. The anti TPP stuff,
    which made Clinton look like a stupid lazy deflecting religious apologist.
    But then Trump gets excited and started his fascist police state rhetoric
    and then into stupid things. Trump is not defeated by Clinton, he is
    defeated by Trump.

  20. Juan Jacobo Guzman says:

    Just keep laughing.
    Trump acting like a big whiny bitch and Hillary just doing things right.
    How the fuck is still people endorsing that asshole?