You, but in emojis. (YIAY #375)

You, but in emojis. (YIAY #375)

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39 Responses

  1. Lucy Roxx says:

    #yiaythanks I’m thankful for all of the pepes

  2. Miki 313 says:

    My *BIG*…….*FAT*…… personality

  3. champions team says:

    #YIAYthanks i am thankful that
    Emoji movie
    Saying me me big boy
    Are all legal

  4. Aditya Ramrakhani says:

    I am thankful for not having a big forehead

  5. Ginger Guy says:

    #YIAYthanks I’m thankful for me me big boy, Jack’s forehead, and the Emoji Movie. xd

    Just putting all the stupid, obvious, half-assed answers into one comment to save you time.

  6. Imi Uzumaki says:

    I’m thankfull for NOT having a BIG forhead.

    • Bah Humbuger says:

      This is cheating. You’re going to get featured for commenting a comment everybody else said so it’ll be a joke that everybody said forehead.

  7. Torie Paige says:

    I’m thankful for youtube because man, life would suck without it.


  8. Aditya Ramrakhani says:

    The unsubscribe button

  9. KILL3RG3N3RAL says:

    #YIAYthanks the emoji movie

    On blu-ray

    • Pawel Muc says:


    • dj octopus says:

      Nutrition is something I value. Oranges are a prime example of what I am thankful for.To think what life would be without them. Honestly I am super grateful. Never will I be ungrateful to anything. Good health is key in life. #YIAY

  10. Slow Shadow says:

    Im thankful for living in England and not having thanksgiving

  11. Bronco Man says:

    I’m thankful for 7 more years of Trumps presidency lol #YIAYthanks

  12. Dexter Productions says:

    I WILL be thankful when your beard grows and becomes a meme, just like PewDiePie #YIAYthanks

  13. Superbly Sarcastic Samantha says:

    #YIAYthanks definetely not you

  14. Mashrur Ahmed Yafi says:

    I’m thankful for this awesome YouTube channel named jack……

  15. Bob the Potato says:

    #YiayThanks actually I’m waiting till marriage

  16. noob 2568 says:

    #YIAYthanks I am thankful for Jake Paul now I know I am no the only retard in this world

  17. Taaamas says:

    I’m thankful for the sniper that shot down jacksfilms…

    Wait that didn’t happen yet?

  18. Lorenzo says:

    At first I thought it was a dull thumbnail. Then I realized it’s made out of laughing cry emojis.
    Now I hate you more than ever.

  19. school shooter says:

    internet #yiaythanks

  20. Beastmode On says:

    Im thankful for Memes And Vines!

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