You Can Still Have Babies After 35

You Can Still Have Babies After 35

The data that “modern” fertility advice is based on is actually straight-up medieval.

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20 Responses

  1. meg says:

    Adam didn’t really ruin anything here…

  2. Adolf Hitler says:

    Its not about fertility, its about children having down syndrome

    Also : Black guy is medieval french farmer?

  3. KoltonHeimann says:

    Miss leading title, I thought it meant you can have more then 35 babies

  4. E drop says:

    We’re gonna be PARENTS…
    – Adam, 2017

  5. ćĤìĺÍ đūďè says:

    *_I am 13. My dad is 77. My mom is 56. I am a monstrosity._*

  6. Connor Solvason says:

    I can understand why it’s good for people to take it slow for getting pregnant but I feel I would kinda backfire on you later because 10-15 years later you would be too old to do anything active with the child.

  7. betheidea says:

    my mom gave birth to me at 44 and i’m one handsome ass motherfucker.

  8. Jeffrey Hendrix says:

    Yeah my parents had kids in their 40’s. They died of natural causes by the time I was an adult, ended up homeless at 18 when I had to move away from my job to take care of my father in his last weeks, ended up with nothing. Took years to get it together enough to get back in college and get my life back on track.
    So I hope everyone getting pregnant in their 40’s is pretty damn sure they’ll make it to their 70’s, or at least has enough money to leave their kids if they die of bad health or complications etc. in the kid’s senior year of high school.

  9. Oh Its Me says:

    May someone explain how exactly this video appeals specifically to the “leftists”? It just seems like a harmless video to me…

  10. William Shinn says:

    My mom had me at 36 and I’m not retarded. Okay maybe a little.

  11. Spencer Whiteway says:

    Here’s a list of why this video is nothing but awful advice.
    1.) Like it or not, most men aren’t chasing after 35+ year old women. So if you don’t have a partner by then, you’re going to be stuck lowering your standards significantly to find one.
    2.) Even if the chances increase only slightly, I would hope women who want to be mothers would want to avoid that risk. My Mom didn’t, and I’m on the autistic spectrum.

    Also, I’d like to see how they got those numbers, and also, why is that woman supposedly the only one to have figured out these numbers are from so long ago? Because I doubt researchers wouldn’t be aware. Either the time is just irrelevant, or they actually HAVE done modern studies.

  12. S Newton says:

    i’m 23 and my parents are both 18

  13. Andry Hernandez says:

    Can you still have babies after 35? Of course, everything mentioned in this video is correct! Although, what was not mentioned are the fatal risks associated with pregnancy after 35. The ideal age to have children is anywhere between the age of 20 & 35, reasons being their are less complications that happen during intrapartum (during birth). For instance, an abruption of the placenta is very common in women below the age of 20 and above the age of 35, the unlucky women who face this condition can have signs and symptoms such as a rigid abdomen and painful vaginal bleeding or no symptoms at all! Basically the placenta abrupts and the mother can loose up to 2 Liters of her own blood! This in return decreases blood pressure & increases heart rate to compensate for the loss of blood; causing death.

    Reference: I’m a registered nurse

  14. Zedward says:

    I just don’t want to die when my kid is in college

  15. Adam's Gaming says:

    Please do an “Adam ruins everything” on how the wage gap isn’t real! Everyone like this so they make a vid of this shit!
    Edit: I can’t believe people actually noticed this. And yes the wage gap has little legit evidence to support the left claim, watch people like Ben Shapiro and milo, if not, you should know that it depends on hours worked and job choices, you can even find this on pew research data.

  16. LaughingMan0X says:

    Why do I get the impression this video was designed to discourage white people from having kids?

  17. Sam Miller says:

    If nothing else, maybe you’ll have energy in your 40’s, but try raising a teenager in your 60’s. By that age, you may not have the energy to raise them properly.

  18. Kid With A Crappy Camera says:

    Just have kids when you are able to support them. And before 45, preferably. Some people have kids at 23, and some people have kids 39. Neither age is better or worse so long as the parent is able to properly support the baby.

  19. Rohan says:

    It’s not fertility that’s the issue, it’s the quality of pregnancy and post delivery problems that induces fear into couples.

  20. Hello my name is Ninnoo says:

    0.5% to 1%? If everybody does what this video tells you to do, that’s millions of retarded babies.

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