You Probably Don’t Have OCD, And This Is Why

You Probably Don’t Have OCD, And This Is Why

These days, it seems like everyone thinks they have OCD. What is obsessive-compulsive disorder, really?
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Learn more about obsessive-compulsive disorder:


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20 Responses

  1. Approx Gaming says:

    Why are there dislikes on this video? Life Noggin has so many family-friendly videos no cussing…etc. why should there always be dislikes?

  2. mac Addictions says:

    I hate it when people say they have OCD.

  3. Not Bleach says:

    “Hi I’m an attention whore that says I have OCD so people will give me the attention I need to live”

  4. The Quique says:

    Sooooooo, Gumball’s mom has OCD?

  5. Cyrus Cheng says:


  6. Looney Tunes says:

    Cover depression and anxiety pls?

  7. Eni Divante says:

    I have ocd and I HATE it when people say ‘if my rooms not clean my ocd acts up’ I’m like YOU DON’T HAVE FUCKING OCD!!! Friendships have ended because of this. U need to be ocd to rlly understand what its like when random people say their so ocd like seriously research about and you’ll see its more than being a perfectionist or a neat freak

  8. Gregory Valente says:

    I do have OCD, and this is why…

    I was clinically diagnosed XD

  9. Bella Basketball says:

    Life Noggin can you please talk about ADHD. I got dignosed with it in first grade and I never really knew why or how I got it. I’m in 5th grade now and I’ve been talking pills (not the drugs) and I have gotten a bit better controlling it. But why do I have ADHD in the first place? And how does the Medicean help? (Btw If you read this that’d be awesome because I love your chanalle)

  10. DJ Monopoli says:

    Very true and thanks for informing. I have severe life crippling OCD myself and I see people incorrectly refer to OCD all the time. That said.. anyone who is uptight enough to get angry at someone for doing something as innocent as misuse the word OCD needs to chill the heck out. That goes for innocent jokes too. When Target made that OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder) shirt and everyone blew up I face palmed so hard. We need more jokes, less people taking things so seriously, because one thing I know for sure is my OCD is the most tame when I’m happy and laughing. Last thing an OCD sufferer needs is more people complaining about something, creating a sheep mentality, and teaching people to be uptight. It honestly sickens me how easy it is to offend people these days..

  11. Life Noggin says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching! Quick reminder that we have an episode coming out Thursday with a very special guest (It’s Steven Suptic. He’s the guest.) We also have Play Noggin coming out Wednesday! In the mean time, check out the last video on Flat Earthers:

  12. Hannah says:

    Thank you for making this video, I plan on sharing this will all of my friends. You explained this perfectly. Since I was 10, I struggled with OCD. I have been properly diagnosed, and I would have to take five pills a day. My mind was always telling me to do things that I did not want to do, like put my socks on four times, turn off the lights 12 times each night..etc. I am now 16 and very happy, thanks to medicine and therapy, I can now live a normal life. 🙂

  13. Simple_Cute_KittyKat says:

    How do your bones break #1

    How do we get asthma #2

    How do get drunk #3

  14. Cam Confessions says:

    Idk if you already have made this video but if not you should totally make a video similar to this about phobias!
    As someone with a legit phobia of throwing up (emetophobia), one that has affected my daily life since I can remember and has often times been debilitating, it can often be frustrating when people claim to have phobias of all the things they logically don’t like, for those of us who actually struggle.

  15. TheGaming Channel says:

    Any Asperger people around here?

  16. Voltres says:

    I thought this was COD,, and I lost my connection, after then I got to Youtube again then searched “You probably dont have cod, this is why”


  17. PenguinRockstar says:

    No, I actually have OCD. Everytime I leave my room to go to the toilet at night, I get scared that something is in the shadows, watching me. Whenever I turn on the lights, I flipped the switch over and over, because it doesn’t seem right. I hate germs, and my brain tells me that I have to wash. Whenever I walk, and I accidentally walk one foot, twice. I walk back a metre or so, and start again.

  18. AMMAR ZX Almazami says:


  19. Simon Liang says:

    I legit have OCD and will wash my hands til they crack and bleed. I hide them sometimes because I don’t want anyone to see. Ocd is a real pain in the ass and I absolutely hate it when people without OCD claim they do just because they like to clean or something!

  20. rapu says:

    I have OCD. Every time i leave the house, i lock the door.

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