You Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

You Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

They’re just the nice, normal neighbors next door. YOU S3 is coming October 15, only on Netflix.


About Netflix:
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You Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Now married with a young baby, Love and Joe try to forge a normal life in the affluent suburb of Madre Linda. But old habits die hard.

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50 Responses

  1. Harsh Pictures says:

    I feel like casting Penn Badgley was the best thing Netflix has ever done

  2. About That Tho says:

    Plot twist: The baby grows up to be Dexter.

  3. honestly idk says:

    “You are many things but you are NOT murderers”
    Oh honey, if only you knew

  4. Y says:

    The way Joe always depicts Love as a monster or bad person, but when it comes to him although he did worse things he is just a man who’s misunderstood and did some mistakes. It’s crazy to think about how he’s so full of himself. The show has done a solid job as defining a psychopath. Also the actings are always ten outta ten. Can’t wait for this.

    • Adonia Loren says:

      @אליסה Psychopathy is not a formal diagnosis and neither is sociopathy, which does in-fact exist. They are both apart of a spectrum within antisocial personality disorder (the formal diagnosis), obviously at the extreme ends of the spectrum. As it is derived from a personality disorder, it is far different from ADHD or autism as it is a far more extreme mental disorder. Comparing psychopathy to ADHD is a bit harmful to those who have ADHD. I also wouldn’t say he shows signs of BPD. He’s more on the sociopathic spectrum of ASPD, which is generally caused by environmental factors while psychopathy is generally caused by faults in brain chemistry, therefore giving the sense that psychopaths are born while sociopaths are made. Sociopaths also tend to be more impulsive than psychopaths who are more calculated and judging by Joe’s actions throughout the series, I wouldn’t say he is calculated in any of his attacks. Both sociopaths and psychopaths have a sense of narcissism as they have no regard for others and little to no sense of empathy. I wrote a research paper on the disorder (and spent some time studying psychopathology) as well as writing a paper on the links between psychopathy and stalking, which is surprisingly not often found amongst a lot of convinced stalkers and even those who tend to not stalk from a place of emotion (as they again do not care about others) but from a place of gaining something from the situation, whatever it may be whether that’s money, control, etc

    • אליסה says:

      @Adonia Loren Yes, ASPD with psychopathic features usually is the diagnosis. The main motivation is need for stimulation. You have studied it, I’ve been diagnosed with ASPD, as well as ADHD. The research is very limited and mostly focused on the prison population, which is usually mainly secondary psychopaths and even that can be debated. The argument of neurology vs environment is pretty outdated as well and not as simple as it seems.

      P. S Your analysis is very limited. Caring is very possible, but based on mainly selfish reasons. Like I’d care about you sticking around, if you were beneficial to me or if you were sufficient enough at entertaining me. Most people are replaceable, unless they have some value. I see it as having different perceptions and motivations to most people.

    • Natalia Alfonso says:

      @eylül karabaş psychopaths are born that way. Lots of mental illnesses at risk Hettie’s and congenital, but psychopathy is not what joe has. You’re confusing it with psychosis. Joe has a cluster B personality disorder. The creators have mentioned BPD that seems to have progressed to malignant narcissism.

    • Chitrakshi Bisu says:

      Sooo trueee

    • Amanda Carbajal says:

      @Kelly Miller yes! For this reason i think hes worse than Love because he really believes that he’s some hero and that what he did was necessary. Love doesn’t.

  5. Miss Langdon says:

    He calls her a monster even though she’s exactly like him. The irony.

    • Nicholas Avina says:

      @Chelsey G.A plus she cheated on him, so she was unfaithful and didn’t care. Like how Candace was.

    • thegirlnooneknows5 says:

      He’s worse than her because he’s killed more people

    • Aman Goyal says:

      Most girls’ panties have been twisted from this in these comments… They just never forget Feminazi..

    • Dan Warner says:

      Except she kills intentionally
      Joe only kills when it’s a last resort

    • Amanda Carbajal says:

      I honestly think he’s worse than her because he always says his actions are necessary how hes doing good deeds. At least Love owns it and doesn’t make excuses for her actions. He acts like hes some hero especially in the first season it was for beck’s own good he kept tabs on her to make sure she was safe and how those he killed were in the way so he did it for her. He’s completely delusional because he thinks he’s a good guy. Love knows she’s not innocent.

  6. Nikkie says:

    Joe is honestly more twisted than I thought it’s like he only wants to obsess over women who he thinks are pure and innocent once he found out Love wasn’t who she portrayed to be the illusion was gone and he was disgusted with her even though she’s exactly like him lol

  7. The Scurrilous says:

    I like how each season gets darker and darker. This actually looks like an actual thriller movie.

    • Evan Fowler says:

      I think Love was a great addition to the series. Now Joe is boxed in on all sides by the things that he’s always claimed to want and has never been more miserable as a result. And the same thing goes for her. I definitely like the show better with all of the additional complexity. Plus, I just like watching Joe suffer. Show gets better and better.

    • Hotdog2402 says:

      Forgive me if I’m wrong but I think the show is starting to overstate it’s welcome. It’s starting to enter Riverdale territory for me

    • Evan Fowler says:

      @Hotdog2402 It’s a valid criticism. When we’re in “and then the stalker gets stalked by another stalker and now he’s stalking another lady while being stalked himself’ territory, then it’s pretty subjective. More about how much contrivance you’re willing to tolerate.

    • Manny Guzman says:

      Well u are wrong

    • The Craft of Petra says:


  8. Maria Regina says:

    Therapist: “You’re many things but you’re not a murderer”


  9. Siyam says:

    Therapist: Neither one of you are murderers

    Love: *high-key offended*

  10. Daniela M Biah says:

    I’ve never been more excited for anything in my life 😻😻

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