You won’t believe the end results! 😳 @kyliekillzzzz #style #makeup #makeupinspo #glam

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30 Responses

  1. Malin says:

    Probably looks way better on camera than irl.

  2. f m says:

    “This is kinda a lot makeup though”

  3. edenP says:

    just out of curiosity tho: doesn’t that much makeup make your face feel heavy? like yeesh… i haven’t learnt to use makeup but that amount of foundation and contour looks downright scary,,,

  4. popp y says:

    i would definitely do this for a night out or an event etc, it wouldn’t be my daily routine but i’d definitely do this for special occasions

    • Cam says:

      No no no no! Your skin would look like shite and the makeup would break apart and separate and congeal and travel and it would be hideous and a mess. Your skins texture would also look aaaatrocious. This ”’technique”’ isn’t good for any reason, unfortunately but not surprisingly. -Sincerely, a pro mua for film/tv

    • MihaiStefanB says:

      Yeah…like Halloween

    • Pianeta Blu says:

      For your special occasions you wanna look like a clown ? 🤔🤔🤔

    • Pianeta Blu says:

      @Cam just because you have 1 kg of make Up on your face, doesn’t mean is beautiful.

  5. Kerrie Leidig says:

    I didn’t see what you looked like prior to the makeup but I’d be willing to bet it was 100% better. You’re clearly beautiful & don’t need to paint an entirely new face over top of your own naturally gorgeous one.

  6. Prima Donna says:

    If I had to slap on this much makeup every day as my daily routine, I would just sleep through my life.

  7. Kenzie B says:

    I feel like that would be such a nightmare to take off and put on every single day

  8. Bonita A says:

    Let me remind the world that filters don’t exist in person, and this makeup will look very cakey. Definitely, by the end of the day.

  9. giraffe1219 says:

    I have one question: why?
    Why, when you can get the same result NOT doing that, do that?
    You can get that result by doing one layer at a time and don’t have to worry about brush placement. Also, you blend a lot of it into oblivion so it looks normal. Why not just not draw those lines there?

  10. YouTube says:

    prime example of trusting the process 🔥

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