You’ll NEVER guess how I caught this lizard!

You’ll NEVER guess how I caught this lizard!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote makes the craziest lizard catch of his life when he scales a 30ft tree after a huge Sand Monitor!

Monitor lizards are far and away the largest lizards on earth and a variety of their species can be found all across the globe. In Australia these reptilian giants are also known as Goannas, and Coyote Peterson has been dreaming of coming face-to-face with one since he was just a child…needless to say, this adventure is one that’s he’s been preparing for his entire life!

Get ready to see “You’re never guess how I caught this lizard!”

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69 Responses

  1. Mikkaela Marquez says:

    Coyote Peterson I remember that Lizard! Me and My Father going to Meandarra I only have single father
    My mom died on March 25,2012 I am really good catching reaptiles!

  2. RandomFlatShowsvideos says:

    This dude is crazy persistent!

  3. icecream bot says:

    “Little bit of a scrape on my *man berrys* there…”😂😂😂😂

  4. Urpupdixie says:

    “I’m gonna put him in my pocket!”

    Anyone else remember what he’s taking about? 😂

  5. S0ci0stan says:

    That shaky zoom in at 10:39 would be a perfect reaction gif

  6. LovelyDinosaur 47 says:

    I have flashbacks of when Coyote caught an Iguana in a tree

  7. Lundah says:

    I guessed he went after it like a madman.

    I got pretty close but I imagined running rather than climbing, holy balls well done Coyote!

  8. Sean Grayes says:

    *Steve Erwin’s 👼 angel commences slow clap*

  9. Scout Ace says:

    13:14 you can see the light in his eyes when he realizes he isn’t going to be eaten

  10. xXMediaTrix says:

    *I never knew you could climb trees this good! Good job I love your videos❤️❤️❤️*

  11. Trevor Costelloe says:

    13:15 when coyote loosens his hand and the lizard makes an expression when realizes its being let go its the most awesome thing

  12. DDG says:

    Dedication & Hard work 👏

  13. LovelyDinosaur 47 says:

    I just love their Australian accent

  14. Gig Pig says:

    Lmao they had subtitles for the Australian guys.

  15. KongDaCutie Savage Wavi says:


  16. lenna Nand says:

    This is seriously 100% the most non clickbait channe ever…i love it😂

  17. Jim Ferdinando says:

    did you really have to add subtitles when the aussies spoke?

  18. Gracie Mccall says:

    Dang!!!! You shure went through a lot to get that lizard😰

  19. bish im not a weeb ok gtfo says:

    Reptiles look even cuter up close on the camera ♡

  20. J Slater says:

    Andrew Ucles will teach you how to catch anything mate!

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