Young Han Solo Audition Tapes – CONAN on TBS

Young Han Solo Audition Tapes – CONAN on TBS

Before Alden Ehrenreich nabbed the part, every actor worth their salt tried out to play the “Star Wars” smuggler. You were THIS CLOSE, Jeff Goldblum.

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20 Responses

  1. Damien Reaper says:

    My bet she didn’t even see much of Ghostbusters either.

  2. Eduardo Cruz says:

    I don’t really consider Will Arnett as batman

  3. Rome Manda says:

    You know what i´d like to see on these? Norm macdonald, you know? Beep me
    out Scotty!

  4. Lil Mayo says:

    i was hoping Harrison or Ehrenreich at the end…

  5. z bennington says:

    jodie foster is fiiiine af, damn

  6. Thiago Rodrigues says:

    That’s not Ton ton impression! Im pretty sure that’s the name of one of New
    York’s hottest club!

  7. the BIGmac says:

    I was really hoping Harrison Ford would pop up at the end. That would have
    made this video amazing!

  8. Ken Killings says:

    Adam Sandler has fallen off SO HARD that he was the one unfunny person in
    this whole skit. He should just dig a hole, throw himself in it, and never
    come out.

  9. Autumn Henderson-Brazie says:

    ok, but now I actually want Jodie Foster to play young Han Solo.

  10. Mario Gonzalez says:


  11. Tyler Nicolo says:

    This is supposed to be funny?

  12. Cheako says:

    That was great.

  13. Noah Adams says:

    I just love Adam Sandler, he’s so funny!

  14. Lucas Swart says:

    adam sandler looks dead inside. maybe he’s reenacting his role in jack and

  15. MGA99MASTER says:

    The Melissa McCarthy footage shown here is actually her audition for the
    new Ghostbusters movie.

  16. D1CEUniverse says:

    If they laugh one more damn time!

  17. Frank Conrad says:

    please……. not adam sandler………


    I think Bill should be Arturo

  19. Peter Guevara says:

    Am I the only one who keeps rewinding to Bill’s Jabba Impression? That was
    freaking beautiful

  20. The GoonTube says:

    Adam Sandler just has a face that screams “Kill me”