YoungBoy Never Broke Again – One Shot (feat. Lil Baby) [Official Audio]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – One Shot (feat. Lil Baby) [Official Audio]

The official audio of One Shot (feat. Lil Baby) by Youngboy Never Broke Again from the Road to Fast 9 Mixtape.


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86 Responses

  1. Avaunt ortiz says:

    Post the official version 😡 stop cuttin the curse words out

  2. YOUNG.3 OFFICIAL says:

    Youngboy at 2:20 goes HARD 🌟🔥

  3. world wide drill says:

    Both goats 🐐

  4. Yusuf Dakane says:

    Here before a million 😂

  5. Top Shotta says:

    Yea we know youngboy ain’t gonna quit while under Atlanta records he probably still owe them music

    • Machi Bethell says:

      @Skinny Dolphin wayyy moree then that , if u go on audiomack they have sooooo much unrealesed yb songs and thats old yb(2017-18) and he recorded wayy more after that fact … remember yb made a vid in 2018 saying someone stole his flash drive …

    • Aiden Andade says:

      @Skinny Dolphin like 400

    • Jay V says:

      Kam4Mvp Yt no 38 baby 2 was the last albulm he owed

    • Keisha Reagan says:

      He owe them 2 albums he signed a 5 album deal with them

    • K D says:

      bird man signed him I don’t think that he or his contract would allow him to be signed to two labels at once just a hypothesis But who knows I’m not a artists 🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. XclipzFN says:

    They blocked out the cuss words because it’s for a movie y’all slow

  7. Ifear _greens says:

    I just noticed the songs were he speaks about his problems would go right with these type of movies

  8. Meek 4x says:

    top 2 rappers in the game 💯

  9. IconicYolo says:

    Last person to like this will mostly be a millionaire 💸

  10. Kam4Mvp Yt says:

    Even tho it’s old it’s still hard

  11. Brandon Jacobs says:

    Claim your before a million here👇🏾

  12. Khalil says:

    Baby said “ I come from section 8, now I got 800 round my neck” 🐐🙏🏽

  13. PTgang5L says:

    Y’all know this for a movie right.,, but dis fye on Jesus‼️

  14. Kentoo 2X says:

    Top Need To Come Back 😥 We Need Some More New Shit

  15. JuJu In The Building says:

    Youngboy need a ride to the studio or something because we need more music ..

  16. Gabe _ says:

    “they see My Drip then Hold they Breath and Dive in Like a Pool” !!! 😂🔥

  17. Mr mazzerratti says:

    Like this if y’all been waiting on this for a while

  18. Joshua Eaddy says:

    A lot of people hate youngboy cuz they wish they had money like him 🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  19. ClarenceNYC TV says:

    This is how many people that will be rich in 2021-2022 💰👀


  20. itstylon says:

    “tried to ride my wave wonder why they ain’t drowning yet” 🤩

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