Your Body Is Amazing Pt. 2

Your Body Is Amazing Pt. 2

This is why your body is INCREDIBLE!
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Written by Amanda Edward, Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit


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20 Responses

  1. Bob McCoy says:

    *Why are the guy’s nipples blurred as well?*

  2. Rachel Steinsvik says:


  3. Rose Hitler says:

    Why are the woman’s nipples blurred?

  4. Katwithak 27 says:

    When I was a baby the fluid stayed in my lungs and I had to go to the Ni-Q. My body failed me.

  5. gtgarrett1 says:

    Strongest muscle in the body?

  6. dark. says:

    Nipples are sensitive to men too

  7. kinekine96 says:

    I appreciate that you blurred the chest on both people in the thumbnail

  8. William Welsh says:

    The human body screams God’s glory, complexity, and creativity.

  9. Lily T says:

    Kind of unrelated, but the penny is SO USELESS in the states! Canada abolished them a couple years ago – makes cash transactions so much smoother and cleaner and faster (because you never have to count out four pennies). How come the US isn’t following suit? I heard it costs more to fabricate the coin of a penny than its worth.

  10. Marcy Osorno says:

    Unless you are me… every time I turn upside down & even sometimes just laying down, stomach acid just shoots right up my esophagus lol πŸ™

  11. Logan Wallace says:

    Asap science is for people who pretend to like science.

  12. Carryl Sorene says:

    I have a question – I’m 36 and used to be 5’4″ and a half tall and 10 years ago due to bad posture my back developed lordosis at L5. After some exercise and treatment it straightened 75% and I was 5’5″ so gained half an inch I’d never had despite the back not being as straight as it had been. It’s been a few years since then and sometimes have done the exercises too sporadically, but have kept up regular chiropractic treatment and massage. I also now have 3 degenerated discs (L5 and next to it) so would have thought space between those vertebrae would be less as there is less disc separating them, but now I seem to be a little under 5’6″ and a half. My back doesn’t seem any straighter, but over the years the chiropractor and massage therapists have helped unjam and relax things, and I do neck, back and arm stretches to ward off RSI – could all that be enough to gain nearly 2 inches in height?

  13. Richard Nixon says:

    Hair being the second fastest grower at 6 inches a year.. Who wants to watch Netflix and check out the first fastest 6 inch grower? It won’t take a year πŸ˜‰

  14. Ayesha Uddin says:

    I luv ur channel<3<3<3
    Please explain graphene, we are doing it in science.. help us!!
    Love from London x

  15. Brandi h says:

    “Why are they covering the males nipples?”
    Cuz he nakey

  16. Matej says:

    Wow I’m so proud of my body xD

  17. Grizzy says:

    It’s pH for power Hydrogen since it’s related with oxonium’s concentration.

  18. Yasser Arguelles says:

    i still think that the brain is the most hard working organ

  19. TheViciousMoob says:

    So not only is there a quarter of the great wall of china in me, but also a tin of ferrets? How do i get them out?

  20. AmashiiArts says:

    “Equality”? Who cares? Male nipples literally serve zero reproductive purposes, while females feed their newborns with them. Guys, men and women are EQUAL BUT DIFFERENT. It saddens me that these PC people are actually being serious.

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