YOUR GOD-AWFUL RESOLUTIONS (plus announcement) (YIAY #390)

YOUR GOD-AWFUL RESOLUTIONS (plus announcement) (YIAY #390)

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24 Responses

  1. Alex Stewart says:

    #YIAYwin give a speech about the emoji movie, and how it changed your life

  2. theDEADLIESTwarrior7 says:

    daddy gets mean when he drinks his sillyjuice

  3. A Random Weeb says:


  4. _Jamiee_ says:

    #YIAYwin “I would like to thank pewdiepie for stealing my idea and getting more views” 🙂

  5. Kyle Atkins-Weltman says:

    #YIAYwin go on a 1 hour rant about how “YouTube sucks and everything has been going downhill since 2006”

  6. Danny Casillas says:

    Run around the podium and start yelling Me Me Big Boy while wearing an emoji costume #YIAYwin

  7. Clara Opoku says:

    A YIAY vidéo on what you should say in your speech when you win youtuber of the year #YIAYwin

  8. Not A Shark Actually says:

    #YIAYwin make a speech about the importance of being a furry

  9. Ethan Powell says:

    #yiaywin even if you don’t win from now on you should start each video with “I’m Jack Douglass, shorty nominated youtuber, and yesterday I asked you etc.”

  10. GG SYL says:

    #YIAYwin just dab, john

  11. Ben Carroll says:

    #YIAYwin I don’t fucking know, write a Jailbreak x Gene fanfic or something

  12. Smitty1030 says:

    #YIAYwin Thank the Paul brothers

  13. Chelli says:

    #YIAYwin glue a lightswitch onto your forehead

  14. Stephen Wadsworth says:

    #YIAYwin Make a speech declaring how much of a perfectionist you are then say every few words just off.

  15. Bertalan Rajkai says:

    #YIAYwin Film a person hanging from a tree in a suicide forest then be smiling and laughing until the end of he video

  16. Smithstirini says:

    Do a YGS where you just complain about the spelling of spaget.

  17. Dank Memes says:

    *A M A Z O N G I V E W A Y* #YIAYwin

  18. Mreel P says:

    too lazy to log in to vote tbh

  19. SalmanPlayz says:

    #YIAYwin disrespect Japan so you can be even more famous.

  20. Peyton karn says:

    #YIAYwin pray

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