Your Healthy Friend Who Still Does Drugs

Your Healthy Friend Who Still Does Drugs

Water is healthy, less so when you add crushed up Xanax.

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20 Responses

  1. JukeBoxCC says:

    Oh shit. Last time I came this early my wife left me. Jeanette please. I
    love you.

  2. The Witness says:

    Im kinda like that, I live a healthy live but I am a heroin addict

  3. Marco Geovanni says:

    Holy shit the secret website is legit

  4. SelfAwarePedant says:

    Katie, we’re here for you if you need someone to talk to…

  5. horrorvictim says:

    1:42 anyone disappointed that she said “mental health” instead of
    “self-caring”? XD

  6. robert močnik says:


  7. Keyblade King says:

    met a girl like this. had crystalized water in a water bottle and wouldn’t
    drink any other kinds of drinks and believed in keeping her body clean and
    pure. smokes cigarettes and does shrooms on the weekend.

  8. alexvesel1 says:

    I can name a few vegan youtubers like this that preach a healthy lifestyle
    but they openly smoke.

  9. Mike S says:

    How can she be dead one moment and then alive to do the closing credits
    literally 2 seconds after? It doesn’t make any sense!?!? It’s all lies!!!!

  10. Dylan Aerts says:

    20:20 look at the television In the back (its just for a second)

  11. Fritz Asuro says:

    Okay that’s it. CH isn’t that funny like it used to be. I subscribed long
    enough to see drastic changes. Ciao!

  12. lee melymick says:

    drinking alcohol regularly is probably healthier then eating fast food

  13. New Message (Unread) says:

    Wait.. that’s not how you do ‘healthy living’ anymore?.. I gotta have a
    long talk with my dealer/ holistic healer.

  14. Green Raver Music says:

    This can pass as a horror sketch happy halloween!

  15. member berries says:

    this describes vegans perfectly.

  16. Graham Davis says:

    Most drugs are not that bad for you, but McDonald’s and other fast food
    products give you stomach, intestinal, and blood diseases

  17. Alex V (Bogdan) says:

    Member when College Humor used to be funny?

  18. S. John Trombley says:

    Why do I feel strongly compelled to send my info to Katie every time she

  19. ECHO LEOPARD says:

    Santa the moon my. Door step is really cold but I’m waiting I knew blue sky
    was bad

  20. Isaiah Reitan says:

    Man generally I defend CH when people say it’s becoming less funny but
    God…what the hell is this