Your Week In Pancake Art

Your Week In Pancake Art

Don’t be a grumpy cake.

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8 Bit Argentina
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.


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20 Responses

  1. Sarah Cossick says:

    These r soo cool. Been wondering how they’re made 

  2. Grace Wang says:

    I have anxiety watching this video… I feel like the pancakes are going to

  3. Avatre100 says:

    Those who keep saying it’s burnt need to try to do that with that much
    detail and not burn it a little. Yeah the person doing this has amazing
    skills doesn’t mean it doesn’t take time to get those looking that amazing

  4. Vea Fernandez says:

    I cant even make my initials on the batter

  5. shycopath says:

    Cute idea, but all the chocolate parts were burnt.

  6. cindy penny says:

    This is so cool

  7. Ali Ahsan says:

    Impressive skills 

  8. Grace Van Dyck says:


  9. Rylee ? says:

    I loveddd this 

  10. Tanniapc98 says:

    Super stoked to try this! Lol hope to not fail

  11. Japan Rewind :3 says:

    How even ?!?!?

  12. Munira Burhan says:

    Wow this person’s so talented!

  13. Samantha Floyd says:

    I don’t know how this person can flip these pancakes….I can’t even flip a
    round one! 

  14. Rosy Saikaly says:

    Very creative and artistic

  15. JannaBananaTV says:

    OMG 1:27 I knew you were gonna make a camel for hump day! Lol

  16. sopheeyuhh says:

    where is gerard way and the weekend pancake report

  17. Liv K. H. says:

    that’s ART. I can’t cook. 

  18. Vincenzos Plate says:

    Brilliant video…I love all the shapes

  19. ItsAlyssa Serranoo says:

    “So what do you do for a living?” “I make art…. Pancake art.” 

  20. May Max says:

    I’m thinking if they’re burnt…