You’re Too Sad to Argue With

You’re Too Sad to Argue With

Brennan is there for Rekha, and the best thing for him to do for her during this time of tragedy is not to point out that birds aren’t “angel babies” who are carrying “wishes away from the devil.”


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Brennan Lee Mulligan
Rekha Shankar

Director – Heather Fink
Writer – Brennan Lee Mulligan
Producer – Shane Crown
Production Coordinator – Francesca McLafferty
Editor – Sam Geer

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92 Responses

  1. Harshil Patel says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing when she was being sad 😂 only college humor

  2. Waver 72 says:

    Dog Heaven is the new show that Brennan has to green light for ABC.

    • Logan Disappointment says:

      Waver 72 that’s just that wired all dogs go to heaven cartoon though. We don’t need a reboot

  3. Gee’s Dimple says:

    car heaven is clearly a thing what are you talking about

  4. Awsmstevie says:

    it’s like 4 in the morning but i broke out into hysterics at “CAR HEAVEN”

  5. 100% Not A Fish says:

    Brennan believes in D&D

    • panic! at the star says:

      100% Not A Fish Aubry Hepburn, fangoria, harry houdini, and croquet he can’t swim he can’t dance and he doesn’t know karate hehe don’t get it sorry I’m so emo

    • Nerd Zone says:

      Well, I am not Ok with this reference 😉

  6. SylenDraws says:

    God needs to stop with all this segregation!
    Why can’t dogs, car accident victims and humans live together in heaven?

    • thatnavarezguy says:

      anonymous CRS3 Well im always trying to convert people because its my meaning in life

    • Stephen King says:

      Don’t forget to consider the denomination

    • Or v says:

      thatnavarezguy so your saying that God promotes stupidity? It’s awarding someone because he blindly believed in something base on nothing, and how do you know what God you’r supposed to believe in? There are so many different believes and so many gods all having the same amount of evidences.

    • Logan Disappointment says:

      thatnavarezguy is that why your god segregates the dead into car heaven?

    • 麦わら帽子L.V.H says:

      AgentKE means we can’t prove them either

  7. bergie says:

    Brennan is an amazing addition to the cast, I love him in sketches- he is hilarious when he loses his shit over their stupidity!

  8. Awsmstevie says:

    this is so sad, alexa play car heaven

    • APPgamingYT says:

      Do people who are forced to kill each other in a high school go to high school heaven

    • Miodrag Petrovič says:

      You realize that Google home and alexa listen to everything you say and whenever it hears you discussing products it sends the information to advertisers without you knowing as well as other crap? The NSA records all the audio picked up and stores in in their data farm in Utah…. And everyone is upset that a company used their public info off Facebook to help the Trump campaign…. Something Obama campaign did first and everyone called him a genius. Lawl

    • Zaid Jamal says:

      Lmfao I love this comment so much

    • Asher D says:

      Car heaven is a great band name, I call it, it’s mine

    • ham vs the world says:

      I saw this at 999 likes

  9. william thibeau says:

    “The ghost in my house died”
    That means he goes to double heaven which is okey except for the fact that it’s right next to car heaven which can get loud

  10. Bandit Raccoon says:

    I wish I could bullshit through my way through conversations like Brennan

  11. Veridian says:

    I heard Katie is particularly knowledgeable about “crystal magic”

  12. Veridian says:

    I’m gonna use my God wish to give everyone whiskey stones for Christmas

  13. John C John says:

    “You could make a religion out of that.”

  14. Alef Gabryel says:

    This guy is on fire, seriously.

  15. STR1 _ says:

    Why is the CEO of ABC arguing with a sad crazy person?

  16. Waffle Maker says:

    I love Brennen so much he is gonna save this channel

  17. Michael Wade says:

    Dude, Brennan is hilarious. He’s like permanently out of place.

  18. School Desk Ink. says:

    Aww, Brennan’s little bit at the end was so nice. TwT Love all the new cast members in the recent years. ❤

  19. renato2354 says:

    Brennan always looks like a Lego figurine

  20. MajinGohan says:

    Well at least the ghost is dead

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