YouTube Live at E3 Day One: Sunday, June 11 – Livestream

YouTube Live at E3 Day One: Sunday, June 11 – Livestream

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Tune in for YouTube Live at E3, 17 hours of wall-to-wall coverage of E3 in 4K Ultra HD. Join Geoff Keighley and your favorite creators like AngryJoeShow, MatPat, iJustine, Nadeshot, Ali-A, Vikkstar and more. Full coverage of Xbox Project Scorpio reveal, PlayStation E3 Media Showcase and more.

Live coverge begins Sunday, June 11 at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT / 8 PM GMT and continues Monday, June 12.

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20 Responses

  1. Flinner_ 394 says:

    First comment and my name a jeff. Sub to pewds

  2. Brian W says:


  3. rico urbina says:

    mY bEd Is CoLd

  4. Flinner_ 394 says:

    Did anybody see the my bed is cold bot? lul

  5. Derp Herp says:

    My bed is cold 😉 😉 ;);) ;););)0)0;:):)0;):);:))));;;;;;;;;;;;;))))))))))))

  6. Lordstrell says:

    Can I have the 40 minutes i wasted watching the bethesda presentation…please?

  7. Shekelstein says:


  8. _blackrain_ says:


  9. tomlette says:

    what about Last of us 2?

  10. burgonyasalata says:

    1:45:50 is perhaps the least acceptable use of the wilhelm scream

  11. Simonrazer says:

    Someone please do timestamps?

  12. Brian Velasquez says:

    I just came he to nut

  13. robert boadway says:

    The evil within 2 YASSSSSSSS

  14. AH 6 RampaGe says:

    why are all these games gay

  15. Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome says:

    We need another Geoff Keighley vs Angry Joe interview. Make it happen!

  16. Rohan Walker says:

    Devil may cry 5 please!

  17. WIIFIGHT! says:

    Wow. This Stream Sucked (Game Wise, the presentation was awesome.) Hopefully Tomorrow will be better.


    It’s my birthday can I get 1like

  19. Bron says:

    help me get 100 sub’s by the end of the summer !!!

  20. Chris Payne HBTW says:

    Bethesda never fails to disappoint

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