YouTube Live at E3: Day Two, PlayStation Press Conference, Ubisoft

YouTube Live at E3: Day Two, PlayStation Press Conference, Ubisoft

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20 Responses

  1. MrZapha12 says:

    I feel like PlayStation should’ve showed more than what we saw like The Last of Us Part II

  2. Joe Weed says:

    we probably need more women and black guys.

  3. SalihGaming YT says:

    Nadeshot was so happy when they started talking about dragon ball z

  4. Rosaline Carlton says:

    Now i am even more confused. Should I buy PS4(pro) or wait for XBOX one X to launch in India. Thnx E3 2017 for making me even more confused than I ever was.

  5. Rotaku says:

    We deserved better. We deserve better

  6. Og Nade says:

    These games ain’t even worth it, who’s ready for The last of us part II

  7. Sgt 0range says:

    Is PlayStation dying ?😧

  8. Lalala Khan says:

    Woman soldiers in ww2? WTF?!!!!!!

  9. George. B. says:

    The Last of Us Part || ?

  10. Gabe The King says:

    look spiderman s fighting the taken king

  11. MystikGaming says:

    I’ve been with Sony since the ps1 era #Loyalty

  12. Jeff Pettis says:

    Did anyone else cringe when that guy was talking about Lawbreakers?

  13. Drawing with Noel says:

    Hey do watch my new special art …….. Thank you 🙂

  14. David an says:

    Mainly excited for God of war and Detroit: become Human

  15. mobil kiwi says:

    so than whats the 6th subclass if theres only 5 right now

  16. Amix Donson 976 says:

    Wallah je m’abonne

    t obliger c le ramadan

  17. Tabien Richardson says:

    So many games set in Detroit it makes me proud

  18. X_-Star-Shooting says:

    Call me +1 (352) 272-4827

  19. GrizZles says:

    Can someone give time stamps for good game trailers

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