YOUTUBE WEDDING!! (3.7.15 – Day 2139)

YOUTUBE WEDDING!! (3.7.15 – Day 2139)

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This video is for entertainment purposes only. We don’t condone anyone attempting the activities shown. Seriously, don’t.

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20 Responses

  1. Amy Tyrrell says:

    Charles is trying so hard to show he’s happy in front of Alli it hurts to

  2. Lloyd James says:

    I SSSSOOOOOO want the youtube life! <3 haha love them all 

  3. muhammed alalwan says:

    the reason that you dont get any subs is that you don’t touch the viewers

  4. Scott-Jenni ActiveVideos says:

    Awesome video as always, fully enjoyed it.
    Have a wonderful day all
    Take care.

  5. erjan ramadan says:

    I think so on the right side you guys look like them

  6. 1ashley1 says:

    awesome all the youtubers i can spot 🙂
    fav part was the dance floor :)

  7. Michael Warbux says:

    I truthfully hope the 3 of them at least said hello to each other and were
    respectful. If that happened, that’s a great sign that they are way more
    mature than half of these comments.

  8. Giselle G says:

    Allie looks STUNNING

  9. Bill D says:

    Whenever you see a comment that’s disrespectful to both Charles and Allie
    or even when someone tries to purposely bring up the past to hurt
    Charles,please report the shit out of them.Thank you.

    On another note,this vlog was awesome,you had so much fun !! Don’t let
    anyone bring you down ! =D

  10. Sam_Does_DCP says:

    that moment when Alli Speed makes a 5 second cameo in the vlog lol Love you
    Charles and Allie <3 

  11. yinstube says:

    It’s the first time I see defranco’s face since I unsubscribed from his
    channel after he said in his video that ESPN’s racist jab of ‘Chink in the
    armor’ (in the context of talking about Jeremy Lin) is OK … It’s not ok,
    you un-principled, blind bat!!!!

  12. ONENESS says:

    Allie is gorgeous!

  13. Ixdontxknowxanything says:


  14. reina20two says:

    My husband has shoes just like the ones Shay had one, but instead of yellow
    they are blue :)

  15. Patrick Thomas says:

    RIP Comments section 2K15

  16. MaxiMariaMakeup says:

    Damn all this drama for no reason. at 5:08 i herd Allie and alli voice in
    the background. Not sure it’s 100% them, but it sounded like it. For all we
    know they are all okay with each other. We talking about grown ppl here.
    And I guess all the ppl commenting immature things are just nit that grown.
    You guys look into everything way too much. Allie has a new man, charles
    has a new girl. Shit happens. Get over it, it’s not YOUR life. It’s not
    affecting you what they do or what they don’t do. Anyways love you charles.
    Sucks that you have to deal with a lot of negativity for no reason. 

  17. natashasaliba24 says:

    The wedding looked beautiful! I’m glad you two had fun! 🙂 

  18. Sophie Butcher says:

    So. Many. Youtubers!!!!

  19. Alexander Mathew says:

    It’s Rhett & Link!!

  20. Maranda Perez says:

    you little kids need to understand that they’re not in high school. nobody
    gets jealous of who’s with who. nobody cares if your ex girlfriend or wife
    is in the same room as you. and nobody cares if you have a new girlfriend.
    they’re adults. they don’t hide behind people to try and avoid people from
    the past.