YOUTUBER Imposter Role in Among Us

YOUTUBER Imposter Role in Among Us

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23 Responses

  1. f says:

    this mod look insane LMAO

  2. BlankedOut says:


    That “yes” gave me so much nostalgia.

  3. Random Kid says:

    Henwy never said the body was in specimen but Ian knew it. So that was risky

    • bigmikefrompike says:

      I require elaboration

    • L Cro says:

      @bigmikefrompike 6:07 Henwy reports the body and says how Loaf died, then Ian asks if there’s a like button in specimen. But Henwy never mentioned where the body was so how else would Ian have known? He could have lost the game right there!

    • Linda Wharton says:

      Yea bruh nobody how did nobody know

  4. Qtaro Kujo says:


  5. finn the gamer 69 says:

    Obviously when loaf died to the like button it was blue because he hit the like button

  6. Riley Hughes says:

    we’re do u get ur mods

  7. monhoo monhoo says:

    Ssundee i thinking

  8. Zinya says:

    Me literally every single video: I guess I’m lying because my like button turned white… 😂

  9. monhoo monhoo says:

    My brorhers friend as mrbeast

  10. Saar Vangenechten says:

    I saw a woord and it was beter Crew link

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