YouTubers React To And Try Tik Tok Challenges (Hit Or Miss, E-Girl, Pretty Boy Swag, Mirror Run)

YouTubers React To And Try Tik Tok Challenges (Hit Or Miss, E-Girl, Pretty Boy Swag, Mirror Run)

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YouTubers react to and recreate popular Tik Tok trends. Watch to see
their reactions!

Content Featured:

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Reactors Featured:
Alex Ernst

Alisha Marie

Carly and Erin

German Garmendia

Jenn McAllister

Ned Fulmer

Sam & Colby

Scott Hoying


Zane Hijazi


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YouTubers React To And Try Tik Tok Challenges (Hit Or Miss, E-Girl, Pretty Boy Swag, Mirror Run)

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24 Responses

  1. trumpettwinnie says:

    I wish you would just show the full clips of the reactors doing it instead of little parts of each one interrupting each other.

  2. linda akoto says:

    Ned looks so tired. He’s pushing and being storng. Babied are a lot of work

  3. ATM says:

    There was only 1% of Alex Ernst in here…he bArEly reacts

  4. Alondra Botello says:

    Alex would be the next Shane Dawson if they did try not to laugh challenges

  5. Wesley Dillard says:

    Content creators this disconnected from internet culture is weird. These trends are months old.

  6. SirRowlet 2 says:

    Seeing them recreate a tiktok is possibly the hardest thing to watch

  7. Star A says:

    I was genuinely surprised when I saw Alex

  8. Joscelyn Chan - Ting says:

    I love Alex’s refusal to do the hit or miss 1

  9. Sri Vedula says:

    Tik Tok can’t ever replace the genius of Vine πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ.

  10. Sebastian Alba says:

    Four members of the vlog squad on react. David did good

  11. Abigayle’s Adventures says:

    Honestly Sam and Colby could totally be e girls. Like they look cute that way.

  12. Jana F says:

    I love how alex doesn’t react at all.. and please bring David to one of this..

  13. Msalazar2011 says:

    Scott’s Hit or Miss vid was actually pretty lit

  14. Karen Galicia says:

    Alex Ernst, Zane Hijazi, Carly and Erin ??? I think yess!!!!

  15. jenae says:

    How about the β€œgive Alex more screen time challenge”

  16. ELONGATED OVAL says:

    saying react to pewdiepie until they actually do it (which they won’t) *DAY 55*

  17. Honey Bree says:

    Why is Sam & Colby better at swaying their hips then anyone I’ve seen?

  18. WayVisuals says:

    Ned sounds so tired after he became a dad lmao

  19. Emily Guan says:

    i’m so mad u didn’t show the girl turning into an oscar award

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